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Arabian horses come in four different colors--bay, chestnut, grey, and, of course, black.  There are many people who would love to have Walter Farley's fabled Black Stallion--and a lot of us with Sahanad horses have our dream horses.  (For our group, black is easy; it is bay that is difficult!)  Another thing about those of us with the Sahanad horses is that many got them because of their color but keep them and desire to preserve this family line because of their people-oriented and intelligent personalities.


After years of study and research, the color genotypes for most of our horses have been calculated.  To get these genotypes figured out, several factors have been used--DNA testing for the Extension (red factor) and Aguoti genes, sire and dam colors, colors of progeny and siblings, and foal coat colors--when known--for greys.  Some colors of individual horses on their individual pages may vary from the registration color on record with the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) based upon the knowledge of individuals who actually know/knew the horses.  This is possible because our website is oriented toward our horses and not totally dependent upon the Data Source from AHA.


The rest of this article is going to try to explain how the different genotypes could be figured out and how to use them to predict the possible coat color outcomes for a foal of a specific breeding.  Individual genotypes are on each horse's individual page--a "?" indicates an allele that has not been determined yet based upon available information.  The genotypes are written in the order of the alleles for silvering (the Grey coloring), then Agouti (for bay and chestnut), and finally, the Extension (for black).


SPECIAL NOTE:  Words written in bold/green type can be found in the Glossary of Terms