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                                           What Makes Bay & Chestnut (A)

                                                     Possible Color Genotypes

                                                               Possible Color Genotypes/Black & Black-to-Grey

                                                                         Possible Color Genotypes/Bay & Bay-to-Grey

                                                                                   Possible Color Genotypes/Chestnut & Chestnut-to-Grey

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Agouti--the particular genes/alleles that restrict the black hairs of a

                    horse to only the points and thus producing the bay color


AHA--see Arabian Horse Association


allele--one of a gene pair contributed by one parent that presents an

                    "option" that helps determine the trait an offspring will possess


Arabian Horse Association--the organization in the United States that

                    records and supervises the registration of purebred and part-

                    bred Arabian horses


base color--the color a horse would be without the influence of the

                    dominant (G) silvering allele(s) for grey


dappled--a ring-shaped appearance similar to what water drops cause

                    when splattered onto colors that are not waterproof where the

                    center is slightly lighter in color than the "outside" of the ring--

                    these areas are small and overlapping, a stage of a grey horse

                    as more of its hair is silvered


Data Source--a resource available on the internet as a subscription

                    service available through AHA that has records on all purebred

                    and partbred Arabians ever registered in the United States


DNA--the genetic code of the chromosomes that determines all of the

                    characteristics possessed by an individual


dominant trait--a trait (in this case--color) that is visible


Extension--the particular genes/alleles that produce black hairs


fading--a condition where the horse's coat is bleached out by the salts in 

                    a horse's sweat


flea-bitten--the appearance created by specks or small patches of colored

                    hair in the coat of a grey horse 


foal coat--the long, fuzzy, thick hair a foal has when born that helps

                      protect it from the elements


full-sibs (short for full-siblings)--offspring having the same sire and



genes--a pair of alleles (one from each parent) for the same trait that

                    together determine what a trait will be


genotype--the particular pattern of genes/alleles that appear in pairs

                    which go together to produce a specific trait


get--offspring, progeny


half-sibs (short for half-siblings)--offspring having the same dam but

                     having different sires


heterozygous--the alleles for a particular trait are different (i.e. one

                     allele is dominant and the other allele is recessive)


homozygous--the alleles for a particular trait are the same (i.e. both

                     alleles are dominant or both alleles are recessive)


locus (s.)/locus (pl.)--the location on a chromosome where the genes

                     for a particular trait can be found


offspring--get, progeny


points--the mane/tail, ears, knees/hocks, and lower legs of a horse that

                    have black hair while the rest of the horse's hair is "reddish" in



progeny--get, offspring


recessive trait--a trait (in this case--color) that is NOT visible if a

                    dominant allele causes it to be masked/hidden


roan-like phase--a time when white hairs are gradually appearing

                    throughout the coat of a grey horse and replacing hairs with

                    color, but not leaving patches of the colored hair--usually

                    follows the dappling phase--with the head of the horse greying

                    faster than the body


roan/roaning--white hairs in a colored coat, the head retains most of

                    color as the white hairs are interspersed with the colored hairs

                    and is easily visible, the head gets these hairs more slowly and

                    in a smaller amount making the head appear darker than the



silvering--the process of hair losing colored pigment--this is similar to

                    people getting gray hair as they age


tail-female--following the dam's line through the dams, the lower line of

                    the pedigree


tail-male--following the sire's line through the sires, the upper line of the