From Left to Right

Jennie, Nancy, Rosemary, Sarah and Anne


Jennie Flohrs-Milan

President - High Priestess - Church Elder

Look for opportunities.....not guarantees, may you live to see your dawn.

My name is Jennie Szymanski Milan. I am one of the founders, high Elders and President of Sacred Spiral Pagan Church of Arizona. I have helped to start and organize several meet-up groups. I am an ordained minister through both the "Church of the Third Millennium." and  the “Sacred Spiral Pagan Church of Arizona” I am third degree High Priestess within my group and a third Degree Reiki Master. I have been enlightened by many traditions and groups in my path so far and the people I've met are beyond amazing. In my personal life, I am a mom of four fantastic, beautiful kids (three of them witch-lings, one of them first degree in our group) they are more than awesome. I have three wonderful grand-babies and an amazing husband. I work full time as a Clinician associate at a residential treatment center for drug addicted, seriously mentally ill clients and I am pursuing a degree in substance abuse counseling. I am blessed with a wonderful, loving, fun, intelligent and supportive family not to mention the brothers and sisters in the church. I love laughing and spending time with them more than anything.


Anne Gordon 

Vice President, Education Director - Priestess - Church Elder

Hi, my name is Anne, I have been on the path for 5 years and after being a solitary for 3 1/2 years I started looking for people to share my discoveries with. I found Sacred Spiral Pagan Church and the people fit just right. I am very active in church activities from being the newly elected scribe to making crafts for Pagan's Pride. I am a medical office worker and a mother of 2 daughters and a grandmother of 2 granddaughters. I love to sew and my great labor of love is to make colorful quilts. I have made so many good friends through the church that I feel as if I have a huge new family. But I could always use more. Go with the God and Goddess and Blessed Be!


Nancy Allocca

Purse Warden - Priestess - Church Elder

I am an Eclectic Stregharian Witch and I have been on this path for over 18 years. I have been an ordained minister since March 31, 2002 and I have been a Third Level Reiki Master since October 21st, 2007. I have been with the Sacred Spiral Pagan Church since it started (and even before). I work for an Architect/Design firm as a full charge bookkeeper and I am married to the man of my dreams. I love reading and working on computers in my spare time.


Rosemary Szymanski - High Priestess - Former President

My name is Rosemary Szymanski "Lady Lionwoman" I am one of the founders, president and High Priestess of Sacred Spiral Pagan Church of Arizona. I am an ordained minister through the "Church of the Third Millennium," an ordained High Priestess by "The Temple of the Triple Goddess," and a Reiki Master and teacher. In my personal life, I am a retired Elementary School teacher who is very blessed to have two daughters, a son, seven grandchildren, two great grandchildren, a soul-mate and life partner, and many brothers and sisters in the church, as well as four dogs and a cat (my furry kids). 
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