Sacred Spiral Pagan Church of AZ

"Like the Spiral we are always growing and evolving, always connected to where we've been, where we are and where we're going always moving upward."

Welcome to the Sacred Spiral Pagan Church of Arizona!

We are a non dogmatic, eclectic Pagan group, working to bring the pagan community together to make a better world for our children.

The Sacred Spiral Pagan Church of Arizona is not a coven, it is an open door collective of Pagans who wish to be a part of a community.

We are children of Mother Earth and Father Sky, dancing The Spiral Dance through life, death and rebirth, again and again, learning, teaching, loving, and gaining enlightenment.

Our Commitment is to ourselves and the Divine, to bring Our Pagan beliefs out into the open, and to let the World see through our example, that Pagan values and Pagan lifestyles are to be respected and not feared.

The Sacred Spiral Pagan Church of Arizona is here to let the World know that the Old Religion is alive and that we will no longer live in fear of our non-Pagan brothers and sisters.

We are here for the public to see just as any other church, of any faith. We hope to educate and open the minds of those who would judge without reason.

We respect all people of all paths and beliefs and we ask only the same respect in return. We will promote peace and harmony with all of Earth's inhabitants.