We believe in a creator. She is the Mother of all that is. From the masculine part of 
her being she created her other half. Together, as Goddess and God, they gave birth to all that is. 

Therefore, we hold true that nature and all its creatures are sacred because they are the result of this divine union. We call this union between our divine parents “The Great Rite”.They are our divine parents and they are a part of us. 

We honor them in their triple aspect as: Maiden, Mother, Crone; Warrior, Father, Sage. They are all women and all men. We pray to the Goddess and God by many different names, but we do not believe in many different Goddesses and Gods. 

As humans, we use these different names to focus on their different aspects and to call upon that aspect of the divine with which we need to connect. 

We believe in one Universal force that binds everything together. This force is in everything -people, animals, plants, rocks, the elements, etc. We believe that this Force, which is energy, can be raised and used to make change. We call this Magick. Others may call it prayer. 

We believe that the elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit) have power and we call upon their aid when we work and pray. 

The pentacle, which so many fear as something evil, is merely a representative of these five elements, with the circle around the star representing the Universe. We believe that everything in the universe balances (male and female, day and night, light and dark, birth and death, yin and yang, etc.) including Deity - our divine parents - whom we honor as Goddess and God. 

We believe there are no absolutes, including all good or all bad. Everything, including the divine, has parts of both, therefore we do not believe in the existence of the “Judeo-Christian” Satan or Devil. 

We believe in the laws of Karma - that whatever you do, good or bad, comes back to you threefold. 

We believe “With harm to none, do as you will.”

We believe in Birth, Death and Rebirth; that when you die you go to “Summerland” where you are reunited with family and friends until such time as you are reborn and come back again to learn more lessons. The cycle repeats again and again, for there are many lessons we must learn. We are merely Spirits having Human experiences. 

We honor the monthly cycle of the moon which we call Esbats and the yearly cycle of the sun which we call Sabbats. These are the times we hold rituals to celebrate Goddess and God. 

We believe that whatever path you follow is the right path for you if it lets you connect to your inner self and your higher power. 

We do not judge other Religions and ask that they not judge ours.