Home is where the caravan is!

Why Join Our Club ?

The South African Camping Club is made up of ordinary young and not so young people, from diverse walks of life and occupations who enjoy the outdoors, camping either in tents or caravans. The Club organizes monthly outings for its members to parks and resorts within two hours travelling, by car, from the centre of their respective regional centres. Activities are informal without obligation, whether it is a special imaginative national team event arranged by an energetic nut or a simple bring and braai. You may enjoy the fun of watching, but for rest and enjoyment you are free to do your own thing!!

The scope of venues visited annually differs from well appointed parks to wild life reserves. The basic camping objective of the Club is to create opportunities for those who seek happy and restful environments away from the "Rat Race" and home commitments, in the company of new and not so old friends.

Established in Natal in 1964. The motivation to create the Club was due to the banning of tent campers from parks and resorts nationally. The need for an organized body to set and control standards for tent campers became necessary, in order for them to become acceptable by such recreational venues. The Club was obviously started to cater for tent campers only, caravans were initially taboo. But as the years passed, the young members became a little older, there was a need to accept the reality of the times, so caravans were given the green light. Today it is tents and "mobilewhatisits", but the tent camper will always have agenda priority in all the four sections of the Club, namely Kwazulu-Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

The South African Camping Club has a declared and written Constitution to promote its established founding principles. It is not a large club; rallies normally comprise of 12 to 30 family units. Young members are also being encouraged to participate in camp and committee activities, for camping is for everyone and not necessarily reserved for the ancient few!!

What are the qualifications to join up with the SACC? Basically an attitude of being able to be happy with your fellow beings and to enjoy outdoor life.