Postgresql Functions

Postgresql functions are typically inserted into s-sql in their own form prefaced with : and their parameters are generally single quoted. Here are a few simple examples.


(froundn (query (:select (:avg 'latitude) :from 'countries) :single) 4) 18.4209


Generate-series returns a list of of lists of numbers with a starting point of x, and ending point of y and an interval of z (defaulting to 1). Thus:

(query (:select '* :from (:generate-series 1 10)))
((1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10))

(query (:select '* :from (:generate-series 1 30 5)))
((1) (6) (11) (16) (21) (26))

(query (:select '* :from (:generate-series 3 30 5)))
((3) (8) (13) (18) (23) (28))


(query (:select (:max 'latitude) :from 'countries) :single) 72


(query (:select (:min 'latitude) :from 'countries) :single) -1029/20


(query (:limit (:order-by (:select 'id 'name :from 'countries) (:random))
)) ((54 "Israel") (62 "South Africa") (195 "Aruba") (79 "Costa Rica") (31 "OECD"))


String_agg returns a string containging the values returned, separated by a delimiter. In the following example, we are searching for the name of all the regions in the regions table and we want it all returned as a single string with a delimiting comma.

(query (:select (:string_agg 'name ",") :from 'regions))

 (("Central America,Middle East,North America,South America,Central Asia,Pacific,Caribbean,Eastern Europe,Western Europe,EMEA,APAC,LATAM,Emerging,US,Canada,Africa,All,Asia,Eastern Africa,Middle Africa,Northern Africa,Southern Africa,Western Africa,Oceania,Northern Europe,Southern Europe,Eastern Asia,South Central Asia,South East Asia"))
(query (:select (:version))) (("PostgreSQL 9.2 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC x86_64"))
(defun table-size (table-name) "Return the size of a postgresql table in k or m. Table-name can be either a string or quoted." (when (symbolp table-name) (setf table-name (string-downcase (write-to-string table-name)))) (query (:select (:pg_size_pretty (:pg_total_relation_size'$1))) :single table-name))
(table-size 'countries) "88 kB"

Combining Postgresql Functions

(defun current-database-size-pretty () "Returns the current database size as a string in MB" (query (:select (:pg_size_pretty (:pg_database_size (:current_database)))) :single))