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First, without s-sql

(query "insert into 'countries values (920 'Oz' 'Oz Dollars')")

With s-sql

Now using s-sql. Notice there are two ways. First directly setting the columns, using the :set keyword and alternating column names and values. This means that the :insert-into clause expects the arguments to :set to be in multiples of two. Odd arguments will trigger an error.

(query (:insert-into 'countries :set 'id 920 'name "Oz" 'currency "Oz Dollars"))

Notice that a list with two items is a single item, not a multiple of two. You can use sql-compile to deal with this. See this example from the mailing list.

(sql-compile `(:insert-into 'kupci :set ,@(when t (list 'ime "a"))))

The second method, without the :set keyword, uses :select, followed by values.

(query (:insert-into 'countries (:select "Oz" "Oz Dollars")))
Assume you have a plist that you want to insert as a record. Consider the following:
(query (sql-compile (append `(:insert-into ,table :set) plst)))

With DAOs

Postmodern has an update-dao and an insert-dao function. My tendency is to check and see if the dao that I'm currently dealing with has its primary key set (in which case I am editing an existing object and need to use update-dao. If not, then I'm dealing with a brand new object and will need to set the primary key and use the insert-dao method, using something like this:

(if (id item) (postmodern:update-dao item) (progn (setf (id item) (get-next-id class-name)) (postmodern:insert-dao item)))

Multiple Row Inserts

The question was asked on the postmodern mailing list whether there is some way in S-SQL to generate INSERT INTO clauses with multiple rows, e.g. "INSERT INTO \"table\" (a, b) VALUES (10, 20), (30, 40)" ? Desired sexp format is `(:insert-into table :set a (10 20) b (30 40)),

The answer was that the functionality already exists, albeit undocumented.

(:insert-rows-into 'table :columns 'a 'b :values '((10 20) (30 40)))