Alphabet Nasty


Shorter but more frequent climbs than the others. In the interior of the park so there are more walkers and runners around than the other loops.


Look for Lower Macleay Park on NW Upshur, there is decent parking along Upshur and into the park, if not find a legal place on the side roads.

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Start from Lower Macleay Park and head up the babbling creek of Macleay. Work your way along the creek, dodge past the “Witches House” and then ascend up the steepest section of Wildwood this side of Pittock mansion.  Cross-over Cornell on Wildwood and immediately turn away from Wildwood onto Upper Macleay trail. This crosses over Wildwood and then becomes Macleay Blvd. Keep to the right and blend into Monte Vista then Pittock Drive. Turn right onto Wildwood from Pittock Drive and stay on it across Cornell and up past the Stone House. Turn left up to Holman Lane to 53rd Ave, of course go uphill to Birch Trail, our first alphabet trail. The trailhead is to the right at the first parking lot you come across. 

Proceed down Birch, hard right onto Wildwood and descend further to our second alphabet trail, Aspen Tr. Down the trail to Aspen Road, turn right until the steps down to the left that go to Thurman Street. Turn left on Thurman, stay right on Gordon, and continue to Mayfair. Towards the end of Mayfair is a trail to the left known as Water Tank trail, go up it past the water tank to Leif. Right on Leif a short jaunt until our third alphabet trail, Wild Cherry. Bound up Wild Cherry, cross-over Wildwood ascending almost to 53rd but turn right on the fourth alphabet trail, Dogwood.  Stay right on Dogwood past Keil trail (we’ll get to that one later) all the way down to Leif. Jog along Leif until going up Alder Trail. At the top of Alder head left, just where Wildwood meets 53rd Ave there is Keil Trail between them,  ascend Keil for the last climb of the day, roll over the top and connect with Wild Cherry to Leif, right on Leif all the way to the gate, then proceed down Thurman to the bridge over Macleay Park. Drop down the stairs and return to the beginning.

When to Do

Winter can be hard on this route due to the steep slopes and popularity of the trails, but they are also maintained to a higher degree as a result. Winter is less traffic though than the Spring and Summer.

Trail Log



Ascend: 2863’

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