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Forest Park

Forest Park is the crown jewel of Portland trail running. It has a large variety of trails, from flat and fast to hilly and muddy. Whereas Wildwood Trail is relatively flat and easy to follow, the "Nasties" are not. They were designed by a mysterious Portland trail runner for hilly off-season training while the volcanoes and high trails of the northwest are under snow and ice. It's believed he also has an intention to increase the suffering in the world. 
  • Wildwood End-to-End. The classic. Low risk easy way to start out running ultramarathon distance. 30.16 miles. * 2019 closed - see link *
  • North Nasty is the most popular Nasty in the list, some road running though. 11.72 miles and 2820' climbing.
  • South Nasty is more runnable than North. Run both for good fun as they start/stop at same location. 13.16 miles and 2929' climbing.
  • Flaming Nasty The burliest of them all, connecting Firelanes 1 through 5. 16.44 miles and 2963' climbing.
  • Alphabet Nasty So-named as it goes through connector trails with initial letters of the alphabet. 14.22 miles and 2863' climbing.
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