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Learning through Evaluation with Accountability & Planning (LEAP)

 Six components of programme and project cycle management are defined in LEAP: assessment, design, monitoring, evaluation, reflection, and transition. LEAP is focused at the programme and project levels of National Offices. It does not speak directly to strategy development at national, regional and international levels, but does show how programmes must be linked with strategy (World Vision International).


Evaluation of RBM at UNDP

This report sets out the findings of an evaluation of the adoption and use of results-based management. The evaluation has focused on the organizational strategy, vision and expectations of the results-based management approach; the design, implementation and use of the system to operationalize this approach; as well as the results of this effort. The scope of the study covers the period 1999-2006, all geographic regions, and the adoption of results based management at the programme, country, regional and corporate levels.


The Use and Abuse of the Logical Framework Approach

 Review of International Development NGOs’ Experiences. A report for Sida. November 2005. Oliver Bakewell and Anne Garbutt, INTRAC.


Tools for Policy Impact: A Handbook for Researchers. By Daniel Start and Ingie Hovland


Logical Framework Approach

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Development Evaluation Guidelines

    Development Evaluation Guidelines Produced By Various Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies


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