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 Upcoming Annual Conference of the HDCA:


(September 10-12, 2009), Lima. 

The International Conference of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) sets out to explore the relationships between participation, poverty and power from the perspective of their contribution to human development and capabilities.


The Conference has as a main purpose the analysis and deeper understanding of how power structures can be changed in order to advance the capabilities of the poor, particularly in contexts where there is ethnic, racial, regional, or religious diversity. There will be an emphasis on the role of political participation by the deprived. 


It is hoped that papers presented will analyse power and participation in relation to the capability approach from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. Papers may analyze and critically evaluate the diverse experience of social participation in Latin America and elsewhere in the world, ranging from participatory decision making to social mobilization, and aim to increase our understanding of the structure of power and the exercise of it in society from the family level to the local, the regional (sub national), the national  and to the global, through political (state, democratic government, civil society) economic (economic policy and enterprise) and cultural (through media, art, intercultural interactions, etc.) institutions.


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Previous Conference on Employment and Development ,Berlin

The World Bank and the Institute for Study on Labour of Bonn (IZA) are organizing a conference on "Employment and Development" in

Berlin on May 25-27, 2006, to further reflect on the links between growth, job creation and poverty alleviation. IZA's Conference website Bank's Labour market website:  (from the World-Bank Research E-Newsletter).


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