2022 Prices

2022 Tree Prices

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Due to very heavy cutting of our tallest trees in recent years by our customers, there are very few trees over 6 feet.

Due to the 2020-2021-2022 summer droughts and the emergence of fir-specific, soilborne, root eating fungus/bacteria, we have lost over 1000 trees. Fraser and Balsam have been hit the hardest and will be in very limited supply.

All Trees under 7 feet tall are the same price:

Douglas Fir $ 50.00 plus tax

Blue Spruce $ 50.00 plus tax

Balsam Fir $ 50.00 plus tax

Canaan Fir $ 50.00 plus tax

Concolor Fir $ 50.00 plus tax

Fraser Fir $ 50.00 plus tax


We have a limited number of pre-cut, imperfect trees. Priced at $10-30.00


Pre-0rdered Pine Roping- 6' - 10.00

Preorder swags, or roping by calling: 717-580-7572

Decorated wreaths are priced individually. Undecorated wreaths are available by pre-order.

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