2018 News

  • Chestnuts are plentiful this year, they loved the very wet Pennsylvania summer! One quart equals approx. 1 pound.

Large chestnuts are 7.50 per quart.

Small chestnuts are 5.00 per quart.

Regular chestnuts (almost sold out!) are 6.50 per quart.

  • Our heirloom apple crop did not like the constant wet weather in the summer of 2018. Apple Butter and our hand-cranked Apple Cider will be in short supply.

  • Jack's working hard on converting old sewing machines into beautiful, unique side tables. Look for them in the barn.

  • Pine Roping and undecorated wreaths can be pre-ordered for pickup at the farm.

Roping comes in 6 foot lengths for 9.00.

Undecorated 12" wreaths are 12.00; 14" are 14.00 (no other sizes available in undecorated wreaths)