2020 News

Face masks are required for everyone near or around the tree farm courtyard and barn. Please bring one.

Chestnuts: One quart equals approx. 1 pound.

Large chestnuts are 8.50 per quart. (limited supply)

Medium chestnuts are 8.00 per quart.

Pine Roping and undecorated wreaths can be pre-ordered for pickup at the farm.

Call Donna at 717-580-7572 to order.

Roping comes in 6 foot lengths for 9.00.

Undecorated wreaths are 14.00 and are 14" wide.

Our heirloom apple crop did not like the unseasonable weather in the Spring of 2020 followed by 8 weeks of summer drought. Apple Butter will not be available this year. Our handcranked Apple Cider was limited in quantity due to the drought and is sold out.

Jack's daughter Donna has become the next generation beekeeper. Her solar powered bear fence will hopefully solve the problem of keeping bees at the farm. She harvested 6 pounds in 2020. This year, our honey for sale is from another beekeeper in Perry County. Next year, it should be from our farm.

Jack has converted old trestle type sewing machines into unique side tables. Look for them in the barn.