RSSE 2014

Fourth International Workshop on Recommendation Systems for Software Engineering (RSSE 2014)
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Hyderabad, India - June, 3rd 2014

  • Program has been posted.
  • Keynote announced.
  • Camera-ready submissions due March, 14th.
  • Early registration closes on April 14th.
RSSE Program

09:00-10:30    Session I    Intro, RSSE Book Chapters 
10:30-11:00    AM Break
11:00-12:30    Session II    Papers (Developers & RSSEs) 
12:30-14:00    Lunch Break
14:00-15:30    Session III    Papers (RSSE and SW Processes) + Discussion
15:30-16:00    PM Break
16:00-16:45    Session IV    Keynote: Hello Clippy! Lessons Learned from RSSEs by Tom Zimmermann, Microsoft Research
16:50-17:30    Session V    Discussion

Session II: Developers & RSSEs
* Using Developer Conversations to Resolve Uncertainty in Software Development: A Position Paper (long)
* Initial Investigation into Recommending Task Context (long)
* Towards Standardized Evaluation of Developer-Assistance Tools (long)
* Variable Provenance in Software Systems (long)
* Code Recommendation Based on a Degree-of-Interest Model (short)
* Towards a Visualized Code Recommendation for APIs Enriched with Specification Mining (short)

Session III: RSSE and SW Processes
* Recommending Process Improvement Package using Direct and Indirect relationships of activities (long)
* Automated Support for Human Resource Allocation in Software Process by Cluster Analysis (short)
* Recommendation System to Enhance Planning of Software Development using R (short)

Long papers will be allotted a 12 minute talk with 5 minutes for discussion.
Short papers will be allotted a 8 minute talk with 5 minutes for discussion.

Accepted Papers

Accepted Long Papers:
  • Ahmed Mashiyat, Michalis Famelis, Rick Salay and Marsha Chechik. Using Developer Conversations to Resolve Uncertainty in Software Development: A Position Paper.
  • C. Albert Thompson and Gail C. Murphy. Recommending a Starting Point for a Programming Task: An Initial Investigation.
  • Pavan Kumar Chittimalli and Ravindra Naik. Variable Provenance in Software Systems.
  • Sebastian Proksch, Sven Amann and Mira Mezini. Towards Standardized Evaluation of Developer-Assistance Tools.
  • Su-Jin Choi, Dae-Kyoo Kim, Sooyong Park, Junha Lee and Soojin Park. Recommending Process Improvement Package using Direct and Indirect relationships of activities.
  • Naoya Murakami, Hidehiko Masuhara and Tomoyuki Aotani. Code Recommendation Based on a Degree-of-Interest Model.
Accepted Short Papers:
  • Jaideep Rao, Rakesh Kelappan and Paul Pallath. Recommendation System to Enhance Planning of Software Development using R.
  • Mohammad Ghafari and Abbas Heydarnoori. Towards a Visualized Code Recommendation for APIs Enriched with Specification Mining.
  • Thiago Jorge A. Santos, Rodrigo Quites Reis, Carla Alessandra Lima Reis and Adailton Magalhães Lima. Automated Support for Human Resource Allocation in Software Process by Cluster Analysis.
Session on the recently appeared RSSE book:
The following chapters will be introduced in short presentations (app. 10 minutes each)
Part 1: Techniques
  • 3  Data Mining, Tim Menzies
  • 4  Recommendation Systems in-the-Small, (Laura Inozemtseva, Reid Holmes, and Robert J. Walker)
  • 6  Mining Bug Data (Kim Herzig and Andreas Zeller)
  • 7  Collecting and Processing Interaction Data for Recommendation Systems (Walid Maalej, Thomas Fritz, and Romain Robbes)
  • 9  Recommendation Delivery (Emerson Murphy-Hill and Gail C. Murphy)
Part 2: Evaluation
  • 10 Dimensions and Metrics for Evaluating Recommendation Systems (Iman Avazpour, Teerat Pitakrat, Lars Grunske, and John Grundy)
  • 12  Simulation (Robert J. Walker and Reid Holmes)
  • 13  Field Studies (Ayse Tosun Mısırlı, Ayse Bener, Bora Çag ̆layan, Gül Çalıkli and Burak Turhan)
Part 3: Applications
  • 14  Reuse-Oriented Code Recommendation Systems (Werner Janjic, Oliver Hummel, and Colin Atkinson)
  • 18  Changes, Evolution, and Bugs (Markus Borg and Per Runeson)
Workshop paper camera-ready submissions due March, 14th 2014.
Submit up to 5 pages for long position papers or 2 pages for short position or tool demo papers.

Workshop Overview
Recommendation systems in software engineers (RSSE) are tools that help developers and managers better cope with the huge amount of information they face in current software projects. RSSEs provide developers with information to help guide them through a number of activities (e.g., software navigation, debugging, refactoring), or to alert them of potential issues (e.g., conflicting changes, failure-inducing changes, duplicated functionality). Similarly, managers are able to focus on the information that is relevant to their decision making process (e.g., bug distribution when allocating resources).Recommendation systems can draw from a wide variety of input data and benefit from different types of analyses. 

Although many recommendation systems have demonstrable usefulness and utility in software engineering, a number of questions remain to be discussed and investigated: What recommendations do developers and managers actually need? How can we evaluate recommendations? Are there fundamentally different kinds of recommenders? How can we integrate recommendations from different sources? How can we protect the privacy of developers? How can new recommendation systems leverage lessons from existing ones?

In this workshop, we will study advances in recommendation systems, with a special focus on demonstrations, evaluation, integration and usability. Specific areas of interests include, but are not limited to:
  • Recommendation systems in practice
  • Infrastructure of recommendation systems
  • Application of techniques from artificial intelligence and information retrieval
  • Mining software artifacts for recommendations
  • Recommendation systems for software reuse
  • Recommendation systems for teams and managers
  • Recommendation systems for software quality
  • Software navigation, debugging, and collaboration
  • Presentation of recommendations including usability issues and recommendation rationale
  • Evaluation of recommendation systems
  • Benchmarks for recommendation systems
  • Ethical and social issues such as privacy and trust
Our goals are (1) to bring together a diverse segment of the community, in terms of career stage, geography, and background; (2) to solidify a body of knowledge about RSSEs; and (3) to identify ways in which RSSE research can be applied to, and benefit from, other existing research efforts.

We invite two kinds of submissions:
  • Long position papers (up to 5 pages) that describe ongoing work, preliminary results, or formal demonstrations of tools. They will be reviewed for topicality, novelty, and potential to spark useful discussions in the workshop—a subset of these will be selected for presentation during the workshop, the remaining accepted long position papers will be part of a poster session.
  • Short position or tool-demo papers (2 pages) that describe new ideas, recent experiences, or preliminary tool demonstrations. They will be reviewed for topicality, applicability, and potential to grow into substantive research or practice contributions. Accepted short papers will be invited to a poster/informal demonstration session.
All papers must conform to the ACM SIGSOFT Formatting Guidelines (please use Word or the LaTeX template). Papers must not exceed the page limits including figures and references. All submissions must be in English, in PDF format using the submission site. All accepted papers will be distributed to the workshop participants. Long and short position papers will be invited to be included in workshop proceedings to be added to the ACM and the IEEE CS Digital Libraries.

All submissions should be made through the Easychair Website:

Workshop paper submissions  January, 31st 2014
Notification of workshop paper authors  February, 24th 2014
Camera Ready deadline  March, 14th 2014
Workshop  June 3rd, 2014

Workshop Organizers
Reid Holmes
Werner Janjic
Walid Maalej
University of Waterloo, ON,
University of Mannheim,
University of Hamburg,

Program Committee
  • Giuliano Antoniol
  • Alexander Felfernig
  • Harald Gall
  • Kim Herzig
  • Laura Inozemtseva
  • Andrian Marcus
  • Kim Mens
  • Denys Poshyvanyk
  • Romain Robbes
  • Martin Robillard
  • Per Runeson
  • Robert Walker
  • Andreas Zeller
  • Jianjun Zhao
  • Thomas Zimmermann

Older News

  • Notifications sent to authors.
  • Submission site closed.
  • Workshop date announced: June 3rd 2014.
  • Call for Papers distributed.
  • Program Committee finalized.
  • RSSE accepted as part of the ICSE 2014 program!

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