Publications on recommendation systems for software engineering (see definition).
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2009 Bruch, M., Monperrus, M., and Mezini, M. Learning from examples to improve code completion systems  ESEC/FSE site Intelligent code completion systems 
2009 DebugAdvisor: a recommender system for debugging Ashok, B., Joy, J., Liang, H., Rajamani, S. K., Srinivasa, G., and Vangala, V. ESEC/FSE site DebugAdvisor allows fat queries, which could be kilobytes of structured and unstructured data (=context for the current bug) 
2009 Zhong, H., Xie, T., Zhang, L., Pei, J., Mei, H. MAPO: Mining and Recommending API Usage Patterns ECOOP site  
2009 Holmes, R., Ratchford, T., Robillard, M.P., Walker, R.J. Automatically Recommending Triage Decisions for Pragmatic Reuse Tasks ASE  Recommender for Gilligan reuse tool 
2009 Robillard, M.P., Walker, R.J., Zimmermann, T. Recommendation Systems for Software Engineering IEEE Software pre-print Overview paper on RSSEs. 
2009 Kawrykow D., Robillard, M.P. Improving API Usage through Detection of Redundant Code ASE  iMaus recommender 
2009 Long, F., Wang, X., Cai, Y. API hyperlinking via structural overlap ESEC/FSE site Altair tool recommends related API functions 
2009 Jeong, G., Kim, S., and Zimmermann, T. Improving bug triage with bug tossing graphs ESEC/FSE site Recommending the next assignee of a bug report 
2008 Bruch, M., Mezini, M. Improving Code Recommender Systems using Boolean Factor Analysis and Graphical Models RSSE pdf  
2008 Happel, H.-J., Maalej, W. Potentials and challenges of recommendation systems for software development RSSE pdf  
2008 Dagenais, B., Robillard, M.P. Recommending Adaptive Changes for Framework Evolution ICSE site SemDiff recommender 
2008 Bruch, M., Schäfer, T., Mezini, M. On Evaluating Recommender Systems for API Usages RSSE pdf  
2008 Hummel, O., Janjic, W., Atkinson, C. Code Conjurer: Pulling Reusable Software out of Thin Air IEEE Software DOI Code Conjurer: An Eclipse Plug-In for the Merobase Component Finder 
2008 Robillard, M.P. Topology analysis of software dependencies ACM TOSEM site Suade recommender 
2008 Schäfer, T., Jonas, J., Mezini, M. Mining framework usage changes from instantiation code ICSE site  
2007 Minto, S. and Murphy, G.C. Recommending emergent teams MSR  site Expert recommendation 
2007 Thummalapenta, S., Xie, T. PARSEWeb: A programming assistant for reusing open source code on the Web ASE site  
2007 Saul, Z.M., Filkov, V., Devanbu, P., Bird, C. Recommending Random Walks ESEC/FSE pdf  
2006 Kersten, M. and Murphy, G.C. Using task context to improve programmer productivity FSE site Mylyn tool that introduced a task context model for Eclipse 
2006 Holmes, R., Walker, R.J., Murphy, G.C. Approximate structural context matching: An approach for recommending relevant examples IEEE TSE site Strathcona recommender 
2006 Anvik, J., Hiew, L., and Murphy, G. C. Who should fix this bug?  ICSE site  
2005 Cubranic, D., Murphy, G.C., Singer, J., Booth, K.S. A project memory for software development IEEE TSE site Hipikat recommender 
2005 Zimmermann, T., Weißgerber, P., Diehl S., Zeller, A. Mining Version Histories to Guide Software Changes IEEE TSE (extended from ICSE 2004) site eROSE recommender 
2004 Ying, A.T.T., Murphy, G.C., Ng, R. and Chu-Carroll, M. Predicting source code changes by mining change history IEEE TSE site  
2002 Mockus A., Herbsleb, J. Expertise Browser: A quantitative approach to identifying expertise ICSE site  
2002 Ye, Y., Fischer, G. Supporting reuse by delivering taskrelevant and personalized information ICSE site CodeBroker recommender 
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