Total Donated in 2018: $3,500.00

March - total $3,500

$2,187.78 - Belize
Clean, Green, Compost Latrines: The Latrine Project - 
Clean drinking water and proper sanitation are essential for health and development. In southern Belize, open defecation and ineffective pit latrines have led to fecal contamination of the Temash River and the village water system, two major water sources. Consumption of contaminated food and water, coupled with poor nutrition and hygiene practices, contributes to high rates of diarrheal diseases in the community. This project seeks to address these issues by providing assistance for the construction of eight latrines to serve twelve households in high impact areas: flood-prone households near the river and those with pit latrines near the well for the village water system. Due to their proximity to the major community water sources, providing these twelve families with latrines will reduce the transmission of disease via contaminated water for the entire community. Recipients will also receive training on how to properly construct, use, and maintain the compost latrines, and because of the inextricable link between sanitation and hygiene, education, and health, this project will be supplemented with ongoing school- and community-wide trainings on prevention and care of diarrhea. Through participation in the project, recipients will adopt these skills into long-term behavior changes that will reduce the incidence of diarrhea in the overall community.

$1,312.22 - LesothoSecondary School Kitchen
This project will result in the building of a kitchen for the Secondary School and the purchase of essential cooking equipment. The activity includes constructing a kitchen on the Secondary School campus. Completing the kitchen will bring much needed hope and progress to an extremely disadvantaged rural mountain community in Lesotho. 

The objective of this project is simple: increase food security by providing a structure where nutritious food can be stored and cooked on a consistent, daily basis for hungry and undernourished girls and boys. Having a full stomach is not a privilege, its a basic human necessity. Over half of the students leave home before the sun rises and return home near sunset. The average student goes 10/12 hours between meals while exerting their bodies in extreme ways. During the 2017 academic year, we had 4 pregnant female students who attended class full time. Discussions with the girls and community about the challenges they face included pressure of intergenerational sex. In these relationships the girls are provided with food and other goods. We have girls who are orphaned and head of their families. They come to school hungry and without food or money because they use the little they have to support siblings. If the school has a kitchen, nutritious meals will be provided, significantly improving the girls' situation. 

The mental and physical strain they endured is enormous. Its imperative that the school provides them proper nourishment to ensure the healthy growth and development of their unborn babies. Mental and physical growth can only be accomplished by providing proper bodily nourishment. Community support will span every aspect of this project, from site selection, to building material transport and labor during construction. Specifically, the community will provide transport assistance, water and aggregate for cement mixing and physical labor. 

The impact of this project will send ripples throughout Southern Africa. Students will have increased energy and vigor to complete their course of study, it will increase their competitiveness on a national level in tertiary education selection and it will raise Lesotho into the forefront of Southern Africa's determined march to improve standards in every aspect of life. These students are the future of Lesotho, Africa and the World. Lets feed them NOW!