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We've updated our website. Please explore, and let me know if you can't find something for which you are looking. Please also let me know if you would like something posted on Lost and Found Pets, the Community Bulletin Board, Charitable Giving/Service Opportunities, and/or our Q&A page! Old newspaper clippings or photos of Rosemont? Send them in for our Photos & News Clippings page. All can be reached via the menu bar.

-Beth Coyne (your friendly neighborhood webmaster)


Hi folks,

I hope this message finds you well. If you haven’t had the COVID vaccination yet, please consider it. There are no issues facing us at this time.

The county will be holding a public hearing on August 11 to change the water map for the people who are still on wells. We discovered a mistake with the original map that didn’t allow well users to connect to public water quickly. This is an administrative change that will make the process easier.

There was an inquiry into opening a bed and breakfast in Rosemont. The people have decided not to continue with the project.

Our next meeting will be November 29. We will present the audit information at that meeting. If I can be of help with anything in the meantime, please call me at 240-409-5450.


Thomas Watson


240-409-5450 (Cell)

301-834-7157 (Home)

News Flash!

SPEED CONTROL Interested in putting a PLEASE SLOW DOWN sign in your front yard to remind people to check their speed? These would be similar to campaign signs with the wires that push in the ground. If YES, email Tom at Rosemont.Burgess@gmail.com with your address.

UPDATE Large Black Dog (male, mixed breed) wandering in yards on Rosemont Drive returned to his home on D St in Brunswick. A great reason to microchip your pets!

LOST AND FOUND PETS. Text photos of pets lost and/or found in Rosemont to Beth Coyne at 301-471-3717 to have the information posted to the Village website.

If you are having problems with RECYCLING COLLECTION, please contact Cindy Johnson, FredCo Recycling Manager, at 301-600-2960 or recycle@frederickcountymd.gov.


Contact Frederick County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management.

During business hours, call (301) 600-2187. After-hours, call (301) 600-2194.

Billing Questions? Call (301) 600-2354.