Post date: Jul 11, 2011 7:34:49 PM

Frank is a dear, 6 year old, black & white "tuxedo" cat, (looks just like the ones in the Boynton (sp?) cartoons AND has the same attitude - mostly, but see below...) who desperately needs a "forever home." Frank was a tiny feral kitten when rescued and adopted by friends of ours. They tamed him and loved him, but have had several medical catastrophes and can no longer care for Frank and his 14-year-old BFF (also a tuxedo feline), Dolly.

Another good friend provided food and water for both cats for 3 months in their empty home until they came to me to be "foster-catted". They've been with me for another 3 months. I was determined to find them a home together, but that hasn't worked.

I've fallen in love with both of them, but have a dilemma. Dolly has blended right into my household; I'm happy to keep her if the two can't be placed together in the perfect home. Frank will make an excellent house-pet, except for one big problem. He's a totally wussy, timid, lazy, funny sweetie-pie UNTIL he sees my male cat, Ellis; then Frank turns into a fiercely raging, howling, maniacal attack cat. Ellis is frightened out of his mind, and I am exhausted from keeping cats in separate parts of the house. Not only that, I will never be able to go on vacation again while Frank is here, because I can't ask anyone to do the shuffle-the-animals-around-thing.

SO, now I am really going into a find-a-home-for-Frank mode. Here's the ideal situation:

* Frank needs a home with an experienced cat owner/lover who currently has no other cat.

* It would be good if there were a dog (who has a history of liking cats or is just certifiably gentle) around to keep Frank company. (He was raised with a dog and gets along with my dog and the neighborhood dogs.)

* Frank is an indoor cat. He is very shy at first. (Like, he didn't come out from under a bed for the 1st week I had him.) He can go outside a little bit in a safe environment, but he gets nervous and doesn't want to be out for long. I don't think he could be let out at all for the 1st week or two in any new home so that he wouldn't run away.

* Dolly is available, too, if you'd like to give a loving home to TWO cats. She's adorable, tiny, got lots of personality, gets a little crotchety and eccentric when she's sleepy or hungry, but loves human company, climbs on laps, sleeps curled up next to me, kisses people, headbumps Frank. She talks a lot, too. BUT, she is 14 years old. I will be happy to keep her if she doesn't find the perfect home with Frank. (I know her better, because Frank has to spend a lot of time in the basement for Ellis' sake.)

(Both cats have had regular veterinary care.)

So, I'm hoping someone finds it in their heart to rescue Frank, who is definitely the victim of unfortunate circumstances and has a lot to offer as a pet & companion! Please pass this on to anyone you can vouch for who might provide the ideal home...

Call me (Mary) at 301-639-2675 if interested or send an email to My email address is acting up, so if you don't get a response, try