Latest updates

As of May 22, 2018 (since January 14, 2018)

  • removed CFRE, CJFL, and CRSL (May 15)
  • removed CHRY as it is now VIBE-FM and focuses only on urban music (May 15)
  • CBC Toronto: updated email for Fresh Air (May 17)
  • CFBW: updated music director email (May 17)
  • CFFF: updated email for Country Spotlight (May 17)
  • CFMU: removed Scenic Roots, Smokin' Bluegrass Show, Wild South; updated name and showtimes for Freewheeling Folk Show (May 16)
  • CFRC: updated station website (May 15); updated music director email (May 21)
  • CFRH: updated station email (May 17)
  • CFRM: updated station website and email (May 21)
  • CFRU: removed Folk Roots Radio Overtime (May 28)
  • CFWN: updated station website (May 15)
  • CHES: updated station website and email (May 15); removed Classic Country and Country Grass; updated show info for Folk Roots Radio; added Country shows Butcher’s Block and Country Party; added Jazz Boulevard (May 22)
  • CHFR: updated station email (May 17)
  • CHOD: updated station website, contact, and email (May 17)
  • CHOP: updated station website (May 15)
  • CHOQ: updated station website (May 15)
  • CHRW: updated station website (May 15); removed Folk shows Sketches In C, Southern Ontario Comfort; removed Jazz show All That Jazz; removed bouncing email for The Blues Never Die; added Jazz shows Fusionality, Vitamin G Jazz at Noon with Gina the Nightingale; added open format show Mediafrenzy Friday (May 17)
  • CHUO: updated station contact info; removed La Chasse, Playback, Sunday Night Jazz, The Elevator Down; removed bouncing email for Raiders of the Lost Art (May 17)
  • CICW: updated station website (May 15)
  • CIDG: added email address (May 15)
  • CILU: updated station website (May 15); removed How Blue Can You Get?, Little Moma’s Kitchen Party, Thursday Afternoon Jazz; added Blues show Blue L.U. and Jazz shows One Fine Morning and Strictly Off The Record (May 17)
  • CINN: updated station website (May 15)
  • CIOI: updated station website (May 15)
  • CISO: added station website, address, and contact info (May 15)
  • CIUT: removed Acoustic Workshop (Jan 14); removed Jazz show Dig!; updated email for updated email for Radio Boogie and The Minx Sessions (May 17)
  • CJAI: added a “submit music” email address; removed Folk shows Bluegrass from the Barn, Bound for Glory, Canadian Blues, Celtic Show, Jack's Country Music; updated showtimes for Island Folk; updated email for Wolf’s Den; added Folk shows Believe, Island Sunrise Show, Udder Morning Show; added open format shows Friday Throwdown, Mow Cowbell (May 17)
  • CJAM: updated music director; removed Jazz Vibrations (May 15)
  • CJIQ: updated station website (May 15)
  • CJLX: removed Jazz show Night Cap; added Jazz Boulevard (May 22)
  • CJPE / Prince Edward County Radio: updated station call letters, frequency, website, address, contact info; added Folk and Blues shows Folkroots and Sideroads; added Jazz show The Jazz Zone (May 17)
  • CJRU: added call letters and frequency; update station website; added All About The Funk (May 15); removed A Peek in the Music Library; added Jazz show 18 Karat; added Folk/Blues show Song Talk (May 22)
  • CKCU: added website and updated host info for Saturday Morning (May 23)
  • CKHA: removed music director and updated station email; removed email address for Tripping Over the Roots (May 17)
  • CKMS: updated station name, website, address, email (May 21)
  • CKOL: updated station website (May 15); updated station email (May 21)
  • CKPC: updated info for Just Us Folk (May 22)
  • CKWR: updated station email (May 17)
  • The Riot: updated station email (May 17)

Time Zones: If you live in ...

  • Newfoundland Time (Newfoundland and Labrador): add 1.5 hours
  • Atlantic Time (Maritimes, a tiny bit of Québec): add 1 hour
  • Eastern Time (most of Ontario, most of Québec): all times below (unless noted)
  • Central Time (Nunavut, Saskatchewan in the winter, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario): subtract 1 hour
  • Mountain Time (Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan in the summer, a tiny bit of BC): subtract 2 hours
  • Pacific Time (Yukon, most of BC): subtract 3 hours
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