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Latest updates (since April 8, 2014):
  • Folk links:
    • Folk Music Ontario: updated website address (April 17)
    • Free Database of Canadian Folk Festivals: updated website address (April 17)
    • Sing Out! magazine: updated website address (April 17)
  • Folk Radio links
    • removed All Things Acoustic: an archived global radio show list that had not been updated in quite a while and is no longer available (April 17)
  • Music Industry Links
    • Alberta Music Industry Associationupdated website address (April 17)
    • Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Science: updated website address (April 17)
    • East Coast Music Association: updated website address (April 17)
    • SaskMusic: updated website address (April 17)

Folk links
  • Folk Music Ontario, formerly known as the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (where you can also find out about the Maplepost email list)
  • @RootsMusicCanada: for updates on happenings in the roots music scene nationally.
  • Folk Music Canada: they seek to provide effective and relevant support to the folk music community at the national level, through information resources, strategic partnerships and a grassroots connection to the individuals, organizations and festivals that they will serve.
  • Free Database of Canadian Folk Festivals: Pretty much as the title says. Downloadable files available as PDF or Excel.
  • Sing Out! magazine: a huge list of international folk festivals--dates, times, places, contacts.

Folk Radio links:
Radio links:
Music Industry Links:
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