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Latest updates (since April 8, 2014):
  • CBC Edmonton: removed producer contact info (Oct 14)
  • CJSR: updated Acimowin, (The Sounds of) Folkways, Jazzology, Put'er in D for Dangle, Twang 'n' Thangs; added Altered States, Avant Garde & Beyond, Local-Motive, Northern Air, Why Folk Why Not (Oct 14)
  • CJSW: updated MD info and email (Oct 10); removed non-folk reggae shows; removed Off The Cuff, ’Round Daylight, Some Velvet Mornings, The Hinterland; updated Breaking the Tethers, Lift the Bandstand, Morning Joy, Noise; added 8-Bit Showtunes, Dixie Fried, Katharsis, MAPL Syrup, MAPL Syrup Saturday Mornings, My Two Cents Flat, One Flew Over Birdland, Standing on the Shoulders, Straight On ‘Til Morning, The Road to Nowhere, The Waking State (Oct 14)
  • CKRP: updated station URL and email (Oct 10)
  • CKUA: updated Ballads & Blue Notes, Nightcap, Roy's Record Room; added Alberta Morning, Mid-Morning Mojo, The Afternoon Edition (Oct 14)
  • CKXU: added Bridges and Balloons (April 8); updated showtimes; removed Ear to the Bar, Straight, No Chaser, The Bluegrass Corner, The Blues Beat, Why Folk, Why Not?; added Chin Up Record Club, Muse Ink, Selections A-Z, Static In Between the Channels, Tommy Gun Annies Speak Easy (Oct 10)
  • CMRC: updated station email (Oct 10)
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  • Eastern Time (most of Ontario, most of Québec): add 2 hours
  • Central Time (Nunavut, Saskatchewan in the winter, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario): add 1 hour
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