About the List

Canadian Folk-Blues-Jazz Radio Shows


This site is a listing of Folk, Blues, and Jazz related shows that are aired primarily on campus and community radio stations in Canada. CBC, commercial, international, and Internet stations are included as people send me information.

If you are a musician or label, or if you just want to check out a wide range of Folk, Roots, Bluegrass, Country, Blues, and Jazz shows and everything in between, this is the list for you! It's easy to tune in to your local station, but most stations also stream their programming online. Some have podcasts, too. All the station links and program times are provided wherever possible!

The database is presented as Google spreadsheets that are broken down by province on each province page (there are separate pages for international/internet-only and a page for music/radio links). If you are on a mobile device or cannot see the menu to the left, please see the menu icon at the top left of the page.

Information is provided by stations, programmers, service providers, and fans. I check all program schedules (available on most station sites), websites, and emails when I can. Feel free to send updates and feedback to me at melissa.kaestner[at]gmail.com.

Je m’excuse à l’avance auprès des francophones, puisque la liste est en anglais seulement, pour l’instant du moins.

There is no charge for this service or information, and you are welcome to use and share the database for contacting radio stations and programmers regarding your music/artists or other industry-related matters. But if you are sharing or publishing the list, it would be great if you could include the link to this site.

Latest Updates

Updates are included on each relevant page as well as listed below.

May 22, 2018: This list was last sent to the Maplepost email list on January 14, 2018. Since then, the following has changed:

  • Alberta
    • removed CKRP and CMRC (May 15)
    • CBC Edmonton: updated website for Saturday Night Blues (May 15)
    • CHPL: updated station website (May 15)
    • CJSR: add Folk/Blues element to The Organ Grinder (May 16); removed Folk show Twang 'n' Thangs; removed email for Deprogram (May 17)
    • CJSW: updated website for South Louisiana Gumbo; removed The Morning After; updated The Charmer's Almanac/The Palgary Almanac (May 15); Updated station address; updated genres and webpages for several shows; removed Folk shows Dixie Fried, My Two Cents Flat; removed Jazz shows Jazz Odysseys, My Two Cents Flat, Outside The Lines, Owsley Aurora; removed non-Folk/Jazz show Road Pops; added Folk show This Land is Your Land and Jazz shows Floating Points, Jazz Today, Lush Life, SpeakEasy, Standing on the Shoulders, The Sonic Skillet (May 17)
    • CKUA: updated station contact info; updated host info for Dead Ends & Detours; removed Ballads & Blue Notes, Fire on the Mountain, Nightcap, Notes from Home, Points North, The Afternoon Edition (May 17)
  • British Columbia
    • removed CFCH, CICV, CIDO, CKGI (May 15)
    • CFBX: removed Backstreet Blues, Guido's Tunes, Hurtin' for Real, Swing Session; added Folk/Roots/Blues shows Folk Roots Radio, Lucille’s Strings, Wandering Minstrels; added Jazz shows Modern Jazz Today, On the Marquee, When Swing Was King; updated showtimes for Art of the Song, CFBX Canadian Talent Showcase, Indie Can Radio (May 28)
    • CFIS: updated station email (May 17); removed Blues Underground, This Land Is Your Land, Those Old Records; updated show info for Cam’s Greaser Garage; added Folk/Blues shows Back Porch Pickin’, Blues Roadhouse, Country Cavalcade, Fiddlefest; added Jazz shows Jazz Boulevard and JazzCafe (May 22)
    • CFRO: added station email (May 15); updated host info and contacts for In the Pines and What The Folk (May 17)
    • CFML: updated station phone number (May 22)
    • CFUV: updated music director and contact info; removed Folk shows Bluegrass Review, Let The Good Times Roll; removed Jazz shows Salvaged Sounds, The Sound Travels; removed open format show Particles & Waves; updated showtimes for Blue Light, In The Mood, Searchin’, Smoker’s Cough; added Folk/World/Open shows Ode To Ani, Pepperpot and Jazz show Myoozikal Unity (May 17)
    • CHFR: added station website (May 15)
    • CHLY: added and removed several programs (May 15); added open shows Songwriters Circle and The Lovecast (May 18)
    • CICK: removed Folk show Mel and Pop Show and Jazz show Big Brass Sounds; updated showtimes for Bluegrass Connection; updated showtime and host for Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society Show; added Folk show The Roots (May 17)
    • CICV: updated frequency (Jan 14)
    • CILS: updated station email (May 17)
    • CJLJ: added stream link (May 15)
    • CJMP: removed Country Roads, Celtic Bliss and Stone Soup, The Big Groove Radio Show, The Film and Festival Express; added Folk/Blues shows Folk Roots Radio, Frequency Downshifting, Juicy Tunes’ ; added Jazz show Milestone Music; added Open format shows Off the Shelf, Slack Tide (May 28)
    • CJSF: removed Beatitudes of a Thoughtless Mind, Folk the Man, Melodies in Mind, Agents of Karma; updated show info for On the Tracks, Outlaw Jamboree, Rockin' Blues Show; added World show Wandering Rhythms; added Folk/Roots show Roots & Berries; added Jazz Boulevard and Modern Jazz Today (May 22)
    • CKTZ: updated station website (May 15)
    • Stoke: removed station email (May 16)
  • Manitoba
    • CJJJ: updated station website (May 15)
    • CJUM: changed DFOM to Bad Intonation; added Folk show Dagwood Radio; added Jazz shows This, That & The Third and Zassman Plays The Classics; removed Rhythm & Sound, Steel Belted Radio, Straight Ahead, Sunday Drive (May 15)
    • CKJS: updated website for Prairie Ceilidh (May 15)
    • CKUW: added website for The Ivory Tower, The World, Voyage; updated website for Twang Trust; removed Young Folk (May 15)
  • New Brunswick
    • CHSR: removed Folk U (May 16)
    • CKUM: updated station website (May 15)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
    • BOIR/CKVB: updated BOIR to CKVB and added station frequency; added Routes & Branches & Beyond (May 16); added Jazz Boulevard (May 22)
    • CHBB: added Routes & Branches & Beyond (May 16); added Jazz Boulevard (May 22); added Folk Roots Radio (May 28)
    • CHMR: added Routes & Branches & Beyond (May 16)
  • Northwest Territories
    • CKHR: added station website (May 15)
    • CKLB: removed station director and contact info (May 17)
  • Nova Scotia
    • removed CBC Nova Scotia (Connections no longer on air) (May 17)
    • AXE RADIO: updated station website (May 15)
    • Caper Radio: updated station website (May 15); updated station email (May 21)
    • CFEP: updated station website (May 15); updated station email (May 17)
    • CFTA: updated station website (May 15); updated station email (May 21); added Jazz show Just Chilin' (May 28)
    • CFXU: updated music director and email (May 17)
    • CIFA: updated station website (May 15)
    • CKRH: updated station website (May 15); updated station email (May 21)
  • Nunavut
    • CFBI: added station website (Facebook page) (May 15)
  • Ontario
    • removed CFRE, CJFL, and CRSL (May 15)
    • removed CHRY as it is now VIBE-FM and focuses only on urban music (May 15)
    • CBC Toronto: updated email for Fresh Air (May 17)
    • CFBW: updated music director email (May 17)
    • CFFF: updated email for Country Spotlight (May 17)
    • CFMU: removed Scenic Roots, Smokin' Bluegrass Show, Wild South; updated name and showtimes for Freewheeling Folk Show (May 16)
    • CFRC: updated station website (May 15); updated music director email (May 21)
    • CFRH: updated station email (May 17)
    • CFRM: updated station website and email (May 21)
    • CFRU: removed Folk Roots Radio Overtime (May 28)
    • CFWN: updated station website (May 15)
    • CHES: updated station website and email (May 15); removed Classic Country and Country Grass; updated show info for Folk Roots Radio; added Country shows Butcher’s Block and Country Party; added Jazz Boulevard (May 22)
    • CHFR: updated station email (May 17)
    • CHOD: updated station website, contact, and email (May 17)
    • CHOP: updated station website (May 15)
    • CHOQ: updated station website (May 15)
    • CHRW: updated station website (May 15); removed Folk shows Sketches In C, Southern Ontario Comfort; removed Jazz show All That Jazz; removed bouncing email for The Blues Never Die; added Jazz shows Fusionality, Vitamin G Jazz at Noon with Gina the Nightingale; added open format show Mediafrenzy Friday (May 17)
    • CHUO: updated station contact info; removed La Chasse, Playback, Sunday Night Jazz, The Elevator Down; removed bouncing email for Raiders of the Lost Art (May 17)
    • CICW: updated station website (May 15)
    • CIDG: added email address (May 15)
    • CILU: updated station website (May 15); removed How Blue Can You Get?, Little Moma’s Kitchen Party, Thursday Afternoon Jazz; added Blues show Blue L.U. and Jazz shows One Fine Morning and Strictly Off The Record (May 17)
    • CINN: updated station website (May 15)
    • CIOI: updated station website (May 15)
    • CISO: added station website, address, and contact info (May 15)
    • CIUT: removed Acoustic Workshop (Jan 14); removed Jazz show Dig!; updated email for updated email for Radio Boogie and The Minx Sessions (May 17)
    • CJAI: added a “submit music” email address; removed Folk shows Bluegrass from the Barn, Bound for Glory, Canadian Blues, Celtic Show, Jack's Country Music; updated showtimes for Island Folk; updated email for Wolf’s Den; added Folk shows Believe, Island Sunrise Show, Udder Morning Show; added open format shows Friday Throwdown, Mow Cowbell (May 17)
    • CJAM: updated music director; removed Jazz Vibrations (May 15)
    • CJIQ: updated station website (May 15)
    • CJLX: removed Jazz show Night Cap; added Jazz Boulevard (May 22)
    • CJPE / Prince Edward County Radio: updated station call letters, frequency, website, address, contact info; added Folk and Blues shows Folkroots and Sideroads; added Jazz show The Jazz Zone (May 17)
    • CJRU: added call letters and frequency; update station website; added All About The Funk (May 15); removed A Peek in the Music Library; added Jazz show 18 Karat; added Folk/Blues show Song Talk (May 22)
    • CKCU: added website and updated host info for Saturday Morning (May 23)
    • CKHA: removed music director and updated station email; removed email address for Tripping Over the Roots (May 17)
    • CKMS: updated station name, website, address, email (May 21)
    • CKOL: updated station website (May 15); updated station email (May 21)
    • CKPC: updated info for Just Us Folk (May 22)
    • CKWR: updated station email (May 17)
    • The Riot: updated station email (May 17)
  • Québec
    • removed CBC Radio Two listing (Tonic no longer on air) (May 17)
    • CFAK: added station website (May 15)
    • CFLX: removed Ouvrez les Frontières (May 15)
    • CFNJ: updated station email (May 17)
    • CFUT: updated station frequency and link (May 15)
    • CHHO: updated station link and added email (May 15)
    • CIAX: updated station email (May 21)
    • CIDI: updated station website (May 15); updated station email (May 21); added all shows (May 22); added Folk Roots Radio (May 28)
    • CJEU: updated station website (May 15)
    • CJLO: updated music director email (May 21); added all shows (May 22)
    • CJMD: updated station website and email (May 15)
    • CJRG: added station email (May 15)
    • CKIA: updated station address and website; add emails for submitting Folk and Blues music; added Folk show Musique sans frontières and Jazz show Jazz Bazar (May 16)
    • CKNA: updated station website (May 15)
    • CKVL: added Cool Jazz (May 22)
  • Saskatchewan
    • CFMQ: updated station website and email (May 15)
    • CJTR: updated station contact info; updated various showtimes and host info; added The Redbeard Special; added Everything in Between, The Road, and Alone Together; removed The Dog Run and What Planet Is This?! (May 15)
  • Yukon
    • CFYT: updated station website (May 15); removed Rockin' Blues; added Dawson Jamboree, Foxy and Folksy Hour with Andy Ladeau, Jazz and the Arts (May 24)
  • International, Internet, and more
    • added Jazz Boulevard (May 22)
    • added Back Porch Bluegrass, WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour (May 28)
    • removed Blues Radio Canada, Canadian Roots Radio, East Coast Kitchen Party Radio, Jim's Basement, The Blues Own (May 15)
    • Blues & Roots Radio: removed Folk Roots Radio and Inside The Blues; added Blues Blast, Folkcetera, The Blues Witness, The Lost Highway, The Secret Garden, The Teller and The Tale, Under The Radar, Unsung & On The Side (May 16)
    • Canadian Musician Radio: updated website (May 15)
    • DittyTV: added email address; removed defunct submit link (May 15)
    • Radio That Doesn't Suck: removed emails for Michael Wycraft (May 17)
  • Links
    • removed Folk link Free Database of Canadian Folk Festivals by Emma Julien due to broken link (May 15)
    • removed Folk link Northern Journey Online as it is now only focused on structured settlements (May 15)
    • added new section for Jazz Music links, added Jazz Yukon (May 24)
    • added Music Industry link Across The Board (May 15)
    • added Music Industry link Music Canada Live (May 15)
    • Folk Link Roots Music Canada: updated from Twitter link to website now that they are back! (May 15)
    • Folk link Folk Music Canada: updated website link (May 15)
    • Radio link ARCQ: updated links (May 15)

A few tips ...

Musicians and labels: Stations generally want your music, whether you are an established or emerging artist. And make sure your local station knows about you and has your material. These stations tend to love and promote all things local!

A note from some campus and community radio music directors (other music directors and programmers may have different opinions and approaches):

  • Artists/labels/distributors are encouraged to send releases to the station to ensure charting, usually to the Music Director (MD).
  • If music only gets to the show hosts, then the release may not be eligible for charting, nor will the station have access to your recording once the show hosts move on.
  • Keep in mind that not all stations are able to accept digital or streaming versions of your music.
  • Artists are encouraged to contact the stations to find out their submission policies and guidelines.

Charting: Campus and community stations report to a variety of charts and publications. The main publication for the Canadian campus and community radio sector is !earshot Magazine.

  • !earshot maintains a weekly Top 50 and a monthly Top 200 spanning all airplay and genres, as well as a Top 10 chart for specific genres, including: Folk/Roots/Blues, Jazz, Electronic, Hip Hop, International, and Loud. !earshot also publishes music reviews and other music-related resources, including top picks from music directors around the country.
  • Check out the !earshot Folk/Roots/Blues chart and the !earshot Jazz chart.
  • You may also be interested in the Folk Music Radio Airplay Chart (primarily US stations) that is compiled by Richard Gillmann of KBCS-FM from playlists submitted to FOLKDJ-L.