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This site is a listing of Folk, Blues, and Jazz related shows that are aired primarily on campus and community radio stations in Canada. If you are a musician or label, or if you just want to check out a wide range of Folk, Roots, Bluegrass, Country, Blues, and Jazz shows and everything in between, this is the list for you! It's easy to tune in to your local station, but most stations also stream their programming online. Some have podcasts, too. All the station links and program times are provided wherever possible!

The list is maintained by me, Melissa Kaestner, (as handed over by Ian Gifford in 2005). CBC, commercial, international, and Internet stations are included as people send me information. Information is provided by stations, programmers, service providers, and fans. I check all program schedules (available on most station sites), websites, and emails when I can. If you find something that needs correcting, or if you have a new listing, question, or other feedback, please email me at melissa.kaestner[at]gmail.com.

Je m’excuse à l’avance auprès des francophones, puisque la liste est en anglais seulement, pour l’instant du moins.

The database is presented as Google spreadsheets that are broken down by province.
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There is no charge for this service or information, and you are welcome to use and share the database for contacting radio stations and programmers regarding your music/artists or other industry-related matters. But if you are sharing or publishing the list, it would be great if you could include the link to this site.

Musicians and labelsStations generally want your music, whether you are an established or emerging artist. And make sure your local station knows about you and has your material. These stations tend to love and promote all things local!

A note from some campus and community radio music directors (other music directors and programmers may have different opinions and approaches):
-- Artists/labels/distributors are encouraged to send releases to the station to ensure charting, usually to the Music Director (MD).
-- If music only gets to the show hosts, then the release may not be eligible for charting, nor will the station have access to your recording once the show hosts move on. 
-- Keep in mind that not all stations are able to accept digital or streaming versions of your music. 
-- Artists are encouraged to contact the stations to find out their submission policies and guidelines.

Charting: Campus and community stations report to a variety of charts and publications.
-- The main publication for the Canadian campus and community radio sector is !earshot MagazineIt is published online as well as monthly in Exclaim! Magazine.
-- !earshot maintains a weekly Top 50 and a monthly Top 200 spanning all airplay and genres, as well as a Top 10 chart for specific genres, including: Folk/Roots/Blues, Jazz, Electronic, Hip Hop, International, and Loud. !earshot also publishes music reviews and other music-related resources, including top picks from music directors around the country.
-- Check out the !earshot Folk/Roots/Blues chart and the !earshot Jazz chart. You may also be interested in the Folk Music Radio Airplay Chart (primarily US stations) that is compiled by Richard Gillmann of KBCS-FM from playlists submitted to FOLKDJ-L.

Latest Updates 
Province/Territory updates are included on each relevant page as well as listed below. 

January 14, 2018: This list was last sent to the Maplepost email list in January 2017. Since then, the following has changed: