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What I do  

I organize.  I teach.  I write.  I consult.  In new urbanism, sustainable community development, affordable housing, social ethics, public-private partnerships.  Click to see Linked-in profile.

Recent Activity
  • President All Souls Housing Corporation.  Facilitating Strategic Planning with Organization and Affiliates to better position opportunities for affordable housing and maintaining diversity in the Columbia Heights and DC Areas.
  • Consulting with Housing and Community Development Organizations in Washington DC
  • Planning and organizing through public-private partnerships with developing regions and their local communities in dealing with 21st century challenges.
  • Studying and writing in the new sciences (evolutionary psychology and neural science), philosophy (language, religion, and ethics), and urban studies (new urbanism and sustainability).


Most of my experience is in nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations providing community organization and development services and support. 

I lived in the Jesuit community for 13 years where I learned, wrote, taught in the area of philosophy and social ethics. 

I was finishing a doctoral program when I enrolled in Saul Alinsky's Chicago Institute for further training in community organization. 

I left academia to take community organizing positions in Chicago, Toronto, and San Jose and led nonprofit planning and community development organizations in Hawaii, Cleveland, Fresno.

I joined HUD as Community Builder and Field Office Director where I honed skills in public-private partnerships, sustainable urbanism, regional development, public and private resource development.

Contact Details:

Address:  403 Russell Ave #613, Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Phone: 301-385-6252

Blog: http://rollieinfresno.blogspot.com/

Website: http://www.rolliesmith.us

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