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To find new partners and collaborators:  editors and writers, community activists, consultants, leaders in business, nonprofits, and government.


To continue learning to foster sustainable regions and communities of equity and integrity in 21st Century economy, culture, and politics. 

What I do 

I organize.  I teach.  I write.  I consult.  In new urbanism, sustainable community development, affordable housing, social ethics, public-private partnerships.  Click to see Linked-in profile.

Recent Activity
  • President All Souls Housing Corporation.  Facilitating Strategic Planning with Organization and Affiliates to better position opportunities for affordable housing and maintaining diversity in the Columbia Heights and DC Areas.

  • Consulting with Housing and Community Development Organizations in Washington DC

  • Field Office Director for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for the San Joaquin (aka Central) Valley of California.

  • Planning and organizing through public-private partnerships with developing regions and their local communities in dealing with 21st century challenges.

  • Teaching and consulting with neighborhood and metropolitan leadership groups in developing more powerful and sustainable communities.

  • Studying and writing in the new sciences (evolutionary psychology and neural science), philosophy (language, religion, and ethics), and urban studies (new urbanism and sustainability).

Current organizing and writing projects

1) The Next Revolution: A Primer for Progressive Revolutionaries a manual for training activists and organizers

2) New Harvest in the Big Valley:  The San Joaquin Valley California, a demonstration of sustainable urbanism and regional transformation.

3) Storms on the Horizon:  Six looming forces converging on the 21st Century that are already changing the cultural, economic, and political landscape.

4) Buddha's Finger: a dialogue to close the gap between new atheists and old believers, faith and science, religion and politics

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