Books and Presentations

My vocation is and my career has been in social ethics which includes social action or politics, religious studies or theology, psychology, sociology, and philosophy.

I have written books and presentations in that field. They are essays or collections of essays in the root meaning of the word. They are experiments which I offer to my peers (and by that I mean everyone) for refutation, comments, and suggestions. I wrote them to sort out my thoughts. Since they came from my interaction with my teachers and ancestors, I offer them back to my successors.

These works are not published or ready to be published. If anyone wants to publish them, the only price I ask is that of editing and marketing.

The Next Transformation : Thoughts on Revolution


Out of the Box: Thinking in Postmodern Times

Buddha's Finger : Transcendence in a Post-Religious Age


Thoughts on Morality and Politics : Guide for the 21st Century Perplexed

Wrestling with God : Letting Belief Go

Doing Good : The Beginning of Ethical inquiry

TEDy Talk (Integrity) : The Integrity Model

Integrity Presentation : The Ethic of Wholeness

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