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New Starters Training Class

Dogs are able to start training with us from approximately 12 months of age, dependent on size and breed. All dogs must be vaccinated. New dogs will begin with a lot of repetitive training over the jumps and on our chute in netted lanes to achieve the desired results and build on their confidence. We also work with teaching the dogs to accept other dogs in close proximity.
Once the dog has gained enough confidence to leave the handler, run down the lane of jumps and return over the jumps with the ball, they will move into the Intermediates Training.

Intermediates Training Class

We still have one lane netted and one with only wings by the side of each jump to keep the confidence achieved in the Starter's class. We will now work a lot more on team work, crossovers, speed, stamina and achieving that swimmers flyball turn. You may be invited to compete in Starters tournaments from time to time, this is invaluable as both dogs and handlers get to learn about the competitive environment and how it all works. When your dogs can confidently and consistently run from handler to the box and back with the ball without the aid of the netting they will move up to the Open Class 

Open Training Class

Hopefully when you get to this stage after all the ground work, we shall be able to focus a lot more on tighter changeovers, tighter box turns and slotting you into a team, in a position that your dog will feel comfortable in ready for the open tournaments. 


Please be patient with your hound, there's a lot to learn!. Dogs learn at different rates just like humans. We train here with a positive attitude and hopefully set your dog up for success not failure.

Happy Flyballing