And here, for your downloading pleasure, are the soundtracks for Rockman 4MI 1.00, containing all songs! The "Gamerip" contains music ripped directly from the game, and the "Source Music" contains the original version of each song from the game it's from. You can choose MP3 or FLAC, whichever you prefer.

The Gamerip is also available as NSF or NSFe. These versions of the soundtrack are tiny, and lossless, but can only be played on certain music players and require special plugins. You can see your options here:
The NSFs and NSFe are missing the tracks that are sped-up or slowed-down versions of other tracks (namely, Boss Theme Allegro and Arena Lobby).
The NSFe version is superior to the NSF because it contains tagging information that indicates the song order and track lengths. The NSFs are included for completeness.

Extra Content:

Release notes:

Gamerip 1.00 v8 and Source Music 1.00 v9 contain a few corrections from earlier releases; see the changelogIf you have an older version of the soundtrack, you can use the changelog to figure out which tracks you are missing or need to be fixed, and download those tracks from Mega. Or, just re-download the whole thing.

The Source Music album contains four songs from the Game Boy Advance. I used a program called GBA Mus Riper to produce high-quality rips of these tracks. If you prefer the lower-quality, but more accurate GSF rips, you can get them at the link above. The GBA Mus Riper versions sound much better and are preferred, which is why they are included in the album by default. The GSFs are made available for completeness.

For the NSFe, I have set each track that loops to loop twice, with no defined fade time. This is intentional, because my NSFe player allows the user to define a default fade time. The standard is apparently 5 seconds but I find that way too fast—I prefer 10 seconds.

For tracks that do not loop, I have simply set the fade time to 1 second, giving an effective 1 second silence between songs.

The exception to this is that I have set the fade time to zero on the first two Wily Machine Intro tracks so they proceed quickly and smoothly into the main Wily Machine song.
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