Legal Documents

Statement of Non-Liability
 Covers declaration of non-liability for recreational facility and common areas, dated 2016, Apr 11

This document contains the original bylaws, dated 2010, Jun 16.
It includes all (3) three amendments, dated 2010 Aug 5, 2010 Oct 22 & 2014, Oct 15)
Restrictive Covenants
The "original" 10 page document, dated 2006, September 19
Indicates the "covenants" apply to all phases of RH, dated 2006, October 28.
Indicates the "Declarant" is a VA corporation, dated 2007, August 15
Dues increase and clarification to front loading garages, swimming pools and
mowing sections, dated 2010, July 2.
2nd Modification
POA contact update, exterior materials, stain interval, concrete foundations, roof pitch,
dated 2013, October 25
          3rd Modification
                      POA contact update, owner's responsibility of pets
                      dated August 6, 2018