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The Paducah Area Painters Alliance is not just for Painters 

 I have been attending the Monthly meetings of the PAPA Gallery for a few months and finally found out there was a non-exhibitor membership with all the privileges except for showing your art.  PAPA has a restriction on showing reproductions vs originals which I thought left me out.  That is the trouble with computer graphics, the originals are written in electrons and there are only reproductions.  Any way I became a legitimate PAPA gallery Member on April 29, 2008.



Doug Baltz has authored a graphic Novel, He has a dark side art that has a lot of emotional impact. See his work at In contrast to my work where shadow is almost eliminated as an artistic element, Doug's work has shadow as a major feature.

Clyde Lawter is a founding member of PAPA.  One of the full time professional artists, Claude has done ten thousand paintings.  He does still life and landscape and often paints from memory.

He was the featured artist in residence during the American Quilters Society Quilt Show in Paducah this year (2008.)


Claudia Kramer has nice features it was a pleasure to do hers.  A full  face is a little difficult because it is not obvious where a nose boundary line should go. I don't think I got her glasses right. they are those rimless kind and the edges didn't show in my reference photo.  I  usually don't do shadows but in Claudia's case it seemed necessary to at least hint at one. It helped that she was partially backlit.

Jason Bailey announced he had a gallery showing the first time I met him.  Way to go Jason!  Jason paints in the impressionist style. His work is out of a different century.  He also shows at the right angle gallery.

Susan Edwards is one of the movers and shakers of downtown Paducah she was a longtime artist in residence in the PAPA gallery. Now she owns Wildhair Studios at the riverwall threshold of Paducah.





Tony Kent is one of the Mainstays of the PAPA Gallery. His Paintings are very popular and usually find a home with every show.  When Tony saw this drawing he said the likeness was pretty good but pointed out that he had lost 30 Lbs since I captured the reference photo I used for the work.

Sorry Tony.  I suppose I could squish the drawing if that would help.

Paul Young is another PAPA Artist of note.  Paul does great landscapes among other things.



Geanene Anderson does  interesting abstracts and happy somewhat  fantasy like landscapes.  She is retired but is taking courses to help get better supplemental jobs.  Geanene has a partly American Indian heritage which makes her an interesting portrait subject.






 Frederico Higuera is a new member of PAPA and is a top notch landscape artist. He is so skilled I expect he does a great portrait also.





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