Paducah Fiber Artists

Members of his group of artists meets monthly in Paducah, KY 

 Me.  Yes I quilt. It is not that I have quilted that much, but I have a goal of creating pictorial quilts somewhat like the line drawings you see here. The lines will be  stitches and I am thinking a variation on line resist fabric painting and silk screen will let me get the effect I want. I am anticipating doing the studies for them in acrylic and many may never make it to cloth. Color mixing for fabric and acrylic are very different animals. If I can achieve it I think it will be something worth the effort.



The group of Fiber Artists that meet monthly in Paducah is really an impressive group with 4 or 5 nationally known quilters, fiber artists and other soon to be famous  artists. There are custom garment makers, quilt auctioneers and the winner of the most Best in Show awards in the AQS show.














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