Etc Saturday Morning Coffee Club

It's Saturday so where do you go? 

In the heart of The Lowertown Arts District in Paducah is the Etc. Coffee Shop.  It seems to be the center of information exchange between the citizens of Lowertown.  There is also a group of Locals that use its gallery room as a get together place on alternate Saturday mornings and they call themselves the Saturday Morning Coffee Club.

It is a pretty informal group, They don't elect Officers or have a formal secretary or membership chairman so to call it a club and imply it is an organization is a stretch.  It is, however, a label and that serves it purpose.


Camile has short hair which is hard to do as a graphic. fortunately it  is just long enough to justify drawing a few in to suggest how her hair lies. I thought her dimples were important enough to show. To show or not to show seems to be the main decision problem in trying to create a drawing that looks like someone.  There are many features you can draw but many don't seem to be necessary. Also shadow lines seem more related to mood and atmosphere and not so much for face shape and recognition.  So what is important changes with the graphic's purpose.





Davis, on the other hand, has hair that stands up straght about a 1/4 inch. I have yet to figure out the best treatment for hair like this. I think I have to work on this.  I will probably have to do Davis again.  He had his mouth closed and this Makes it  easy for me but a person's smile is an important part of how people recognize each other that it really needs to be part of the portrait.

Barbara squinted in all my reference photos.  I think the light was too bright for her.  She may have just taken off glasses. I can't remember. I caught her long eyelashes but I couldn't see her eyes.  I have no idea what color her eyes are. Her leather coat had these big white decorative Stitches so I naturally had to put them in including the button.









Merrillyn is the defacto group hostess.  The first time my wife and I visited the group she made us feel comfortable and even wrote down peoples names to help us remember them.  Names and faces take a long time to sink in for older people like us. This helped more than she can ever know.









Dave is Merrillyn's husband. Dave insisted on making a funny face when I took his photo.  Great tongue Dave!  He really is a good looking fella but I think he is a little camera shy.  He admitted this graphic looked like him but I suspect he was being polite. Perhaps he will let me do him again and be more dignified the next time. He was a good sport about it.

Dave is still working and I suspect he doesn't have a casual shirt.  Ergo, white dress shirt. No Tie.

 Since I retired I probably have not worn a dress shirt. Now I  have trouble finding one that fits even for a funeral.





Lois is such a nice gentile lady she hit it off with my wife right away.  I made the lines thicker in this graphic to sort of suggest the stained glass look that the program I use was meant for. Lois and  her husband Rod turned out to live about two blocks from us.








Irene is my connection to the etc Saturday Morning Coffee.  She encouraged my wife and I to go and meet this great bunch.  Thank you Irene. Irene's hair turned out better than most.  The Flash made it appear redder in my photo and her eye color is more ambiguous.  Photos don't always give you a handle on eye color.  I should learn to take notes.







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