Health and Safety

Safety is our FIRST priority.

I am sure you have considered the health and safety of members and guest invited to your meeting. It is our intention to ensure we do not introduce anything that would produce an unsafe condition and to work with you to deliver a safe and enjoyable event.

To achieve this I will:

  • Only use equipment that is in good working order and where necessary have equipment tested.

  • Try my best to ensure power and data cables do not become a trip hazard.

  • Not obstruct any fire exits with equipment we have brought into the venue.

  • Discuss with you how we should position the equipment to best suit the venue with regards to safety.

  • React to any concerns you have with a view to mitigate any unsafe conditions

Sometimes it is difficult to set up the equipment and create a totally safe environment and I ask for your support in communicating the hazards to the audience.