Your Feedback

To help us deliver the best RNLI presentation at events we very much appreciate your feedback. If you have any feedback please be kind enough to send it to me or the RNLI Education Support Team:

or use the online form here

Below some comments I have received:

"Colin is very professional, assured, friendly and in control throughout" (Probus Club)

"Very good balance between speaking, slides and film" (Church Group)

"Very interesting and informative presentation. Amazing film footage and we enjoyed the music too!" (WI)

"I don't believe there was one member who did not enjoy the talk which was very professionally presented" (Retired staff association)

"Great - have booked him to present to another group" (Rotary Club)

"He held everyone's attention and the round of spontaneous applause at the end showed a real appreciation" (WI)

"Colin was very knowledgeable about the RNLI and the way it operates and gave a very polished presentation" (Rotary)

"The best and most professional presentation we have ever had at our group" (Women's Group)

"Such was the quality of the presentation it prompted many questions and left little time for coffee!!" (Ladies Group)

"Absolutely first class. He is an excellent ambassador for the RNLI and clearly proud of the high standards achieved and the work done" (WI)