Venue Arrangements

Thank you for asking me to speak at your meeting.  Having presented at many venues I have put together some notes which will help us achieve the very best experience for your audience.

The presentation has been produced using Microsoft  - PowerPoint2021.  It contains photos, short video clip, graphics and sound.  It runs from my own laptop and can be delivered via digital projector or in small venues a flat screen display.

The portable projector I use is powerful and can project a large image.  Therefore a large good quality screen delivers the best results.  If a screen is not available at the venue we should discuss how to achieve the best solution prior to your event.

Sound is an important element of the presentation and it is sometime difficult to achieve satisfactory audio output in large halls with limited equipment.  Use of the in-house audio when available will always produce the best results.   If there are no facilities to use then I will supply an active speaker system to reproduce the sound from the laptop and drive microphones should they be needed.

My talk will be supported by presentation of video, slide and sound and unless we have agreed otherwise will last about 50 minutes.  I am happy to talk to any size of audience so please feel free to invite guests to boost your numbers.

I can provide all that is required to deliver the presentation but the following notes will give some guidance on how we can make it most enjoyable.  Please feel free to discuss your event with me and ask for any further information you need.


Access to and use of a normal domestic 13A socket outlet.


A table will be required about 10ft in front of the screen for the projector and laptop.


It is normally more comfortable for the presentation to be viewed in reduced lighting, lights out curtains or blinds drawn.  Help with achieving this would be appreciated.


A parking bay with easy access to the venue would be much appreciated to make the unloading of our equipment more comfortable.

Arrival time

I would like to arrive about 30 minutes before I am expected to talk to allow time to set up.


A mobile phone number for ‘on the day’ contact should anything unforeseen happen would be of benefit.