Ritwik Mukherjee

I obtained my PhD in mathematics from Stony Brook University under the supervision of Aleksey Zinger. 
I am presently a postdoc at TIFR. My research interests are Enumerative Geometry using Topological methods. 

Here is a brief description of my research and my CV.  

Preprints and Paper: 
Enumeration of curves with two singular points.                                                                 Here is the link to the journal site.     
(Published by Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques)                                                         Here is the arXiv version.               
Enumeration of curves with one singular point.                                                                  Here is the arXiv version.

Enumeration of singular hypersurfaces on arbitrary complex manifolds.                             Here is the arXiv version.


Probability distribution of constrained Random Walks.                                                        Here is the arXiv version.

(This manuscript contains a few straightforward details that were omitted from our two papers.)

(This manuscript contains a self contained proof of the general position 
argument used in our paper on Hypersurfaces.)

Program to Enumerate Curves:

This is a sage program and is quite user friendly.  

Contact Information: 
email: ritwikm[at]math.tifr.res.in