Becoming a member of RIT's NYP chapter of Tau Beta Pi requires meeting of the two primary criteria of Tau Beta Pi: distinguished scholarship and exemplary character. Additionally, engineers should fit into on of the following categories.

1. Currently enrolled in an approved undergraduate engineering program at RIT in their 3rd, 4th, or 5th year by academic credits earned.
2. Currently enrolled in an approved graduate engineering program at RIT having completed more than half of their graduate requirements and benefited the engineering community.
3. Be an eminent engineer having performed admirably and having had a positive impact on society, fostering growth in the engineering community.

At RIT individuals are invited to join after meeting each of the two criteria required. Students become eligible first for distinguished scholarship by GPA rankings in their respective class. The top 1/5th of 5th year level students, top 1/8th of 4th year level students, and top 1/10th of 3rd year level students as determined by the Tau Beta Pi constitution and bylaws and chapter bylaws. Additionally, students are judged for exemplary character through character evaluations performed prior to invitation to join. Provided the executive board of the chapter deems the individual acceptable in both cases, they become eligible to join.

For questions regarding eligibility, please contact us at tbpwww@rit.edu.