Picture Feds and Annimations

This page celebrates the many people around the world who have used RingSkirts to help dress up there figure federations and animations.  If you have your own figure fed and have used RingSkirts products please send your photos or animations to ringskirts@gmail.comto have you’re work posted here. 



Crash Collision Wrestling is a stop-motion animation wrestling show produced by one of my good wrestling figure friends on the web.  I strongly urge you to check out his work as it is some of the best action figure stop motion you will ever see.   Gumby and Robot Chicken have nothing on the CCW.  Check out his show to see how simply ring skirts can transform your’ figure federation!



Socko Productions is a new stop- motion entertainment company!  We have custom action figures, stages, figure clothing, real fireworks, ring accessories from "Ring Skirts", and a Celebrity Division that is coming soon!  We have a very entertaining announcing team, and would like to become a popular stop-motion entertainment company!  Continue to check out our website (www.sockoproductions.webs.com) and videos to monitor our progress within the upcoming years!






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"Extreme Modified Wrestling is the latest advancement in Professional Wrestling! Not just advancing the intensity with WWE and TNA superstars and Legends in our ring, but also displaying our tremendous hard working talent such as, Ron Killings, Rob Van Dam, Sean Waltman, Orlando Jordan, The EMW Champion, The Franchise, Shane Doughlas, and Much More! We also conclude in match types from ALL companies. EMW is located on www.youtube.com/emwisback or http://www.emwforum.proboards82.com" -EMW211





"Get ready for the very best, god damn stop-motion wrestling there is, there was, there will ever, and we mean EVER, will be! That is,  Major Wrestling Revolution! Major Wrestling Revolution is packed with superstars ready to lay the smackdown on each other! This is no WWE folks. This has no follow ups with the WWE, this is, MwR-Wrestling! See the stars that never got the chance to really show their stuff in the WWE. See the very best of every superstars that are in MwR-Wrestling! No hold backs, no waterdown crappy wrestling, great storylines, everything the WWF was and nothing, and we mean NOTHING the WWE is! And we will bring it! Not just once a year, but every time!"
Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/MwRWrestling
MwR-Wrestling Site:



Deluxe Pro Wrestling

DPW is one of the newest member of the RingSkirts family.  DPW puts on stop motion shows that feature our ring skirts and has been in production since late 2007.  Check out all the action of the DPW at sdkfilms.piczo.com, or visit the youtube page at www.youtube.com/user/sdkwwe



Want to see your fed here?  Send pics to ringskirts@gmail.com