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Guard Rails

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Blind Fold

British Bulldog Cape

Steel Cage

Undertaker's Casket


Hell in a Cell

Hulk Hogan Shirts

In Your House Set



Anyone who has seen old footage from MadisonSquareGarden knows of the infamous flying microphone of the 80’s.  Well since getting the Fink I had to make his custom microphone too. 


How did I make it you ask?  Really quite simple. 

-         Custom made MSG logo printed on photo paper on 2 sides. 

-         2 silver jakks microphones

-         bent paper clip

-         taped it all together

-         heat paper clip with a lighter (get adult to help you) and push the microphone into the hot paper clip. 

-         Suspend with thread. 

WWE HD Stage (Smack Down Inserts)

Turnbuckle Pads

WWWF Big Green Belt
“Big Green” Classic WWF 80’s Champion ship belt. Here is a little custom I had had in the works for some time now. I simply made a custom fake leather strap added the belt plates from the old LJN title. This belt works great as it had the correct face plate. I simply cut all the plates off and painted them gold. Over all I am very happy with the results.



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