Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I put my ring skirt on the ring?

A:  Applying the ring skirt is really quite simple.  Each panel is threaded together with one large piece of string.  Simply take the string and wrap it around each ring post.  Wrap and tie a bow on the final ring post.  To prevent drooping and help push the skirt up on the ring canvas a bit more please view the following instructional video. 



Q:  Are you real?  How can I know that this will be safe?

A:  Yes this is real.  I make custom orders for customers as they come in and rest assure this is safe.  RingSkirts prides itself on serving you.  We have had many satisfied customers.  Simply view our guest book for references.  We also have a great reputation on the wrestling figure forums atwww.wrestlingfigs.comand a perfect feedback rating on ebay (screen name ringskirts). 


Q:  How do I get a logo on the ring skirt?

A:  Simply find a picture of what you would like on the ring skirt.  This can be done through a simple search or done by creating your own through paint or photo shop.  For quick and easy logo making I recommend using  It is important to make sure that the background color of the logo is the same as the color of the ring skirt you want.   The only exception is a silver ring skirt (that background should be white).  After you have made your logo, make sure to email it to ,subject line: LOGO FOR ORDER, from the same email address as you sent a payment from and indicate what logos you want on what panels of the ring skirt. 


Q:  I don’t have pay pal.  Can I still get stuff from RingSkirts?

A:  Yes.  I gladly accept other forms of payment.  It is never recommended to send cash through the mail but I gladly accept money orders and personal checks.  Orders for personal checks however will have an increased waiting time (they will be held until the check clears).  Checks that do not clear will be subject to a $20 service fee to take cover banking fees for bad checks.  To arrange sending an order through the mail please email a detailed description of what you wish to purchase to along with your mailing address to subject line MAIL ORDER REQUEST FORM


Q:  I do not live in the United States.  Can I still get stuff from RingSkirts? 

A:  You sure can.  We gladly ship to you where ever you are.  For information on international shipping prices please visit our Shipping Information page.


Q:  How much is shipping?

A:  Here at RingSkirts we pride ourselves on having some of the most reasonable shipping prices around.  For more information please see our Shipping Information page. 


Q:  Why are the ring ropes so loose?

A:  Just like in the real world all wrestling promoters are going to like to have there ring ropes a little bit different as far as how tight they are.  We try to make sure that when you buy ropes from RingSkirts that you have more than enough to tie them as tightly or as loosely as you like.  Feel free to cut them down to size once you have found your desired length but BE CARFUL.  Once you cut them you cannot uncut them.  To prevent fraying after cutting get an adult help you and briefly pass the end of the rope under a flame.  This will melt the nylon raping around the rope. 


Q:  I saw some great wrestling figures in your Ring Skirt Photo Album.  Are they for sale?

A:  No.  Wrestling figures, rings, ring posts, etc. are not available 


Q:  How long does it take to get a ring skirt?

A:  The answer to this question varies.  We try our best to get all orders shipped out within two weeks of receiving the order.  Keep in mind these are custom made and production doesn’t begin until payment is cleared.  The reality is that most orders are shipped out within a few days of being placed.  Once it’s in the hands of the post office it’s up to them (usually 5 – 10 business days for domestic packages 10-14 for international).  All shipping is done through USPS 1st class service and 1st Class International Air Mail.  If you wish for other shipping options please contact us. 


Q:  Do you do rush orders for special occasions? 

A:  We cannot grantee fulfilling such obligations but we will surely work with you to the best of our ability.  We work on a first order first serve basis.  If you need an order extra fast you should contact us to see how our work load is and get a projection on when we would be able to get to your order.  Overnight shipping is available but this is considerably more expensive and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Orders will not be shipped until payment is CLEARED. 



Q:  Why are turnbuckle covers so expensive?

A:  The reason behind the pricing of this item is the fact that they take so much work to make.  There are over a dozen steps involved in fabricating each one.  IN addition it has 5 different raw materials that go into making them.  Not only are they one of the most expensive items to make but they also take over 6 hours to make a set of 12.  We understand the price for this item is high but that’s what it takes to make them.  We originally were not going to make this item available but decided to put the option there for the hardcore fans.