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Sports Highlight


The gymnastics competition season recently came to a close as they had their two-day regional meet here at Richland High. Although they couldn’t make it to state, they ended on a high note with senior Qamar Najm narrowly missing the qualifications for state. Coach Milan even commented how the guys did exemplary, even stating that it was “their best meet of the year”. To get ready for their competitions, the gymnastics team practices every day after school from 2:15 to about 4:15 at the Shannon center along with the other schools in BISD. For their first few competitions the gymnasts do compulsory routines, meaning that they perform the same routine in those competitions. For the rest of the season they have optional competitions where every gymnast makes up their own routines for every event, following event guidelines of course. A fun fact given by Richland gymnast Qamar Najm, is that the vault table that they have used to be a pommel horse turned sideways. Coach Milan commented how proud he is of his team, and that they all deserve recognition and support.

        -América Quistiano (4/18/17)

Sports Highlight

Track & Field

As our school year is beginning to reach an end, Richland’s track and field team have been putting in hard work at practices as they are coming to an important point in their competitive season. Richland’s track and field team competed at districts this past weekend with a very successful outcome. Many athletes qualified for regionals individually. With many Rebels placing high enough out of dozens of other athletes in their events to medal, district proved how much hard work each athlete has put in and how much it’s paying off. Competing in District 8-5A as a team, our boys varsity team placed 4th overall, and our boys JV placing 3rd overall. The success they’ve had at the district meet is going to carry them on to regionals, as they compete to qualify for state. For more details on the individual medalists and specific people/event that advance on to regionals, visit Richland’s XC/Track Twitter page: @RichlandTrack

        -Diane Taing (4/18/17)

Academics Highlight


Richland High School’s choirs will be participating in UIL Competitions all this week. The past four months have been spent preparing for this single competition and hopefully their hard work will paid off. This will be the first UIL for our new director, Andrew Steffen, and while it’s not Teresa Hughes’ first UIL competition, they both have worked countless hours ensuring the success of the men and women in both Chorale and Rebel Men. The support the choir program receives from the parents involved, the staff involved, and friends/family is overwhelming. Although you can’t come physically to support the Richland choir, be sure to let a choir member know that you’re rooting for them.

-Kyleigh Whitsell (04/17/17)

Club Highlight


Bams. Balfour. Body Copy. These terms are commonly used in Richland’s Yearbook class. Yearbook, held 5th period in ST200, is an organization true to its name; they make the yearbook. Every piece of information, every picture, and every design is made by a Richland student. Each member has their own spread to cover (their own page) and they are in charge of everything on those pages. The yearbook advisor, Mr. Schilling, has been teaching yearbook at Richland for 7 years. When asked about his experience as an advisor, Schilling states, “Don’t put me on the spot, man, I’m trying to sell some yearbooks.” This kind of dedication is in every student in yearbook and they create a great product every year.

        -Alyssa Kunkel (4/18/17)

Student Highlight

Josh Alpert

When a student is considered for Student Highlight, many attributes are taken into consideration including work ethic, leadership skills, and Rebel spirit. That is why Senior Josh Alpert is this week’s highlight. Josh is an AP student who also plays trumpet in the band, but is mostly know as Head Drum Major. He leads the band at every football game, and is seen as the representative for the band when accepting awards and other like events. He does this while juggling AP classes and also while working. He is a barista at the coffee shop “All About Cha” and absolutely loves it. While juggling his responsibilities, Josh sets a great example for Richland students to be both involved and successful.

        -Alyssa Kunkel (4/18/17)

Good Eats

Rockfish Seafood Grill

-Ambience/Vibe: Casual, Relaxed, Calm

-Service: Competent

-Food: 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟/5

-Price Range: $$

With many locations, finding a Rockfish Grill in the DFW metroplex shouldn’t be too far or hard to find. Areas include Southlake, Arlington, Plano, and many more. However the specific restaurant in this article is the one in Arlington, on S Cooper St, right outside of the Parks mall.

Going in on a Monday night, it wasn’t that busy as expected so my brother and I were quickly seated. The menu had a nice selection of all kind of seafood, including crawfish, as the restaurant has a slight cajun inspiration to most items of their menu.

I ordered the Cajun pasta, which featured generous portions of shrimp, chicken, smoked andouille sausage, onions, red bell peppers and penne pasta all tossed in their homemade Cajun cream sauce. The pasta was pretty good for a place that isn’t even Italian. The sauce was a nice and creamy, but had a lot of flavor from all of the spices and the portions of different meats with the pasta. It was a really solid dish that I think anyone would like. My brother, Billy Taing, ordered the Cedar Plank Salmon, which is fresh salmon grilled on a cedar plank, topped with a BBQ glaze, roasted corn salsa and blackened shrimp, served with homemade mashed potatoes and steamed spinach. The salmon was cooked to perfection, and with that BBQ glaze on top, oh my goodness it was so good. If you like salmon, or just eating fish in general, the salmon is a must try. And then we got a 3rd entree the share, Alaskan Fish and Chips, which is fried white Alaskan fish served on a bed of fries with a side of coleslaw and tartar sauce. The fish and chips had a nice crunch to it, and it’s honestly what you would expect from fish and chips. However, what made this dish different from others fish and chips is probably the tartar sauce that came with it. I really don’t know much about tartar sauce if I’m being honest, but it was so good we scrapped that little sauce jar clean.

From left to right: Cedar Plank Salmon, Alaskan Fish and Chips, and Cajun Pasta

rockfish1.PNG rockfish2.JPG rockfish3.JPG

        -Diane Taing (4/18/17)


With the last six weeks of school upon us, testing season is sneaking up, and so is a whole lot of stress. Stress leads to clogged pores, and clogged pores lead to acne. Acne can make you feel insecure and never seems like it will go away. Here are three recipes for face masks that will help clear your face up:

Dry Milk Mask

Make a mask by mixing 1/4 cup powdered milk with enough water to form a thick paste. Thoroughly coat your face with the mixture, let dry completely, then rinse with warm water.

     2. Egg Masks

If you have dry skin that needs moisturizing, separate the egg and beat the

yolk. Oily skin takes the egg white, to which a bit of lemon or honey can be added. For normal skin, use the entire egg. Apply the beaten egg, relax and wait 30 minutes, then rinse.

    3. Brown Sugar/ Coconut Oil

Use equal parts brown sugar and coconut oil to form an easy scrub, apply it on your face in gentle circular motions, let it sink in for a few minutes and wash it off with warm water.

        -Alyssa Kunkel (4/18/17)


Perspective Project Contestant

M. Klie.JPG

        -Makayla Klie (4/18/17)