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Sports Highlight


This week the baseball team finished their season, after making a spectacular appearance in the playoffs. They went 9-6 in the regular season, and appeared in two rounds of playoffs, first against Arlington Heights and then Aledo. The highest scoring game of the season was against Dunbar, where they scored 29 runs. Being moved into a new district, the team faced new teams that provided new challenges. They set up a great legacy for next season, where they hope to make it once again in the postseason.

       -Alyssa Kunkel (5/15/17)

Academics Highlight

Visual Ensemble

Visual ensemble can be seen dancing at halftime along with the marching band at the football games during the first semester, and they focus on their spring show during the second semester. Taking a twist on the Disney classic, “Peter Pan”, Richland high school’s visual ensemble danced their way through the story of “The Lost”. The characters consisted of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, and a new character that Ms. Moran introduced known as Black Widow, along with other beloved characters, played respectively by Kaitlyn Tuttle, Alexis Accord, Amanda Plura, and Jordan Keese. Adding a twist to the classic, “The Lost” introduced Tinkerbell’s alter ego, Black widow, to which they proceeded to tell the story through dance. The visual ensemble girls put in a month worth of hours into practice for their spring show, even adding final touch ups an hour before opening night, and in between shows. Even with holding a supporting role, Faith Rice was one of the main reasons “The Lost” came together. She fabricated the majority of the costumes and props that were used in the show. Her work can be seen in things from Tinkerbell’s wings, to the mirror that Black Widow danced through. “The Lost” was a major success for the visual ensemble program, yielding a profit of nearly four times what they had spent on the show, giving them a solid budget for next year while helping shine some light on a program that’s not often in the focus.

       -Alyson Chandler (5/15/17)

Academics Highlight

A Letter to Seniors

    Dear seniors,

I would like to congratulate you on making it this far. We have been through so much laughter and tears together over the years. But it is not over yet. There is still Graduation Practice and Graduation left. Our last hurrah. Graduation practice is this Friday at 8am sharp at the Coliseum. You must bring your gown and what you will wear to Graduation. Then, there is Baccalaureate at NRH Baptist Church at 2pm on Sunday. Wear your gown and church clothes underneath. Next, Senior Sunset. This will be at 8pm on Friday, May 26th, on the baseball fields. Bring your lawn chairs to watch the sunset one last time as a senior. We started with the sunrise, and now it will come to a close. Finally, Graduation. This will be the last time to make an impression as a Richland student. Come no later than 11:30 wearing caps, gowns, and the works, and be ready to be with all your classmates one last time. There is a lot of last times as a senior, so make sure you make these last two weeks count. Hang out with your friends, say thank you to your favorite teacher, make an impression. It is not too late to leave your mark at Richland.

      -Alyssa Kunkel (5/15/17)

Club Highlight

Senior Planning Board

Senior Planning Board is a group of seniors that plan senior events, and help out in homecoming, but their biggest event of the year is planning prom. They suggest ideas for the prom theme, decorations,  the class motto, colors, song, flower etc, then the senior class votes for the winner. The Senior Planning Board meets regularly, and they’re separated into committees to work with deadlines to get all of the preparations ready. It is made up of a cross section of seniors from all kinds of different organizations so that the whole senior class may be represented. Mr. Kelley is the sponsor, and along with the board he is actively involved in planning senior activities throughout the year. When asked about the student planning board he responded with “the students are tasked with the job of making the highlights of senior year be the best they possibly can be. I’m incredibly proud of all of the students that have put in their time and effort to make all of this happen.” Students may apply for the board at the end of their junior year, and will find out if they made it at the beginning of their senior year.

       -América Quistiano (5/15/17)

Student Highlight

Helen Le and Kathleen Haklar

A gold seal is the highest achievement a high school artist can earn, and both Helen Le and Kathleen Haklar received one this year. To get a gold seal one must go through multiple steps. For starters, they have to have finished artwork to present at the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE). Once they enter VASE, they present their artwork to a judge who will give them a 1-4 rating. Afterwards all of the 4’s are placed in a room, separated by division, where the judges come to view the pieces and decide which pieces will move on to state. State VASE is a fun weekend where the artists get to go to art workshops and explore the city where it’s held, this year it was in San Antonio, they then find out who received a gold seal at the awards ceremony. When asked how Kathleen felt when she received her second gold seal, she replied with “getting a gold seal my sophomore year feels really baffling, because somehow out of the whole state you were chosen.” This is also Helen’s second gold seal, and even though she wasn’t in the art class this year, she still participated in VASE. When asked about her experience she replied with “I feel that all the hard work had paid off. I’m really thankful to have been awarded my second gold seal and especially thankful for everyone who has encouraged me throughout the years and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.” These girls have worked hard on their art pieces all year, and their hard work and artistic talent didn’t go unnoticed.

       -América Quistiano (5/15/17)

Good Eats

Coco Shrimp

-Ambience/Vibe: Rustic, Island, Casual

-Service: Friendly

-Food: 🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤/5

-Price Range: $$

Located on Basswood Blvd., on the parking lot of an ACE Hardware store this little gem was one I had been dying to try for months. Its perfect 5-star Yelp rating is pretty hard to come across, but it is definitely well deserved. The location may not be the fanciest, but it’s definitely up to par, especially for a food truck. It’s got an adorable backdrop right in front of the truck itself, with wooden benches and picnic-like tables, that make for a great casual date/hangout spot. They’ve got a short menu, so deciding shouldn’t be too hard, yet despite the few options, its got a nice variety of flavors. The plates they feature are Coco Shrimp, Butter Garlic, Lemon Herb, Shrimp Sampler (has all 3), and a Shrimp Salad. Places that specialize usually do it WELL, and this place most definitely does. The food blew me away, it was incredible.  The Coco Shrimp, their original dish, features sweet coconut shrimp battered and fried to perfection, atop a bed of perfectly seasoned rice, with a side salad and a container of sweet chili sauce. Although I’ve only been once, I will certainly be there again!  I highly recommend everyone to give this place a shot, at least once.

From left to right: Backdrop, the truck itself, Coco Shrimp Plate


       -Diane Taing (5/15/17)

The Capital Grille

-Ambience/Vibe: Fancy, Relaxing, Dim-lighting

-Service: Fast, Attentive

-Food: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

-Price Range: $$$

This steakhouse has multiple locations throughout the DFW metroplex, but the one I’ve been to is located in downtown Ft.Worth. First off, this place is super nice and fancy. The attire is far from casual, even your nicest pair of jeans won’t cut it. It’s definitely a boujee place, that offers super attentive service and amazing food. It’s fine dining, so I wouldn’t say it’s a place to really have lunch at, as it’s definitely more a place you have dinner at. For starters, I had the kale salad, which was served with toasted almonds and a peanut vinaigrette, really light a refreshing. Along with that, I had a cup of New England Clam Chowder, which is definitely some of the best I’ve ever had. And they don’t skimp on the clams here. The Chilean sea bass I had was phenomenal. It was laid over sake braised mushrooms and miso butter, with a little bit of caviar on top (so boujee). My brother, Billy, ordered the Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak, which was one of the thickest cuts of meat I’ve ever seen him eat. On the side, I ate some of his lobster mac and cheese, and man, it was AMAZING. It was so creamy and heavy I must say, but they definitely don’t play around with that lobster mac and cheese. There were huge pieces of lobster in it, which I appreciate.

Although this isn’t a place to be at every night, it’s wonderful to experience (and taste) fine dining!

From left to right: Free bread, Kale Salad, New England Clam Chowder, Lobster Mac and Cheese, Chilean Sea Bass, and the Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak

capitalgrille1.JPG capitalgrille2.JPG capitalgrille3.JPG

capitalgrille4.JPG capitalgrille5.JPG capitalgrille6.JPG

       -Diane Taing (5/15/17)


Perspective Project Contestant

C. Breunig.jpg

       -Connor Breunig (5/15/17)