Last Respects
"A sobering journey through the reality of war, the attention to detail is immaculate, and the story swings from melancholy to brutal and then back again to a haunting finale that inspires grave reflection. Brilliant." The Hellforge [Read the full review]

"It does its job very effectively, recreating the horrors of trench warfare brilliantly and leading to a poignant conclusion." Dark Musings [Read the full review]

"Richard Farren Barber... gets better with every story" [Read the full review here]

Where the stones lie
"...One of the highlights , with an atmosphere of menace undercutting a gripping story of young children threatened by an ancient evil. The characters are beautifully drawn and the pull of the sinister is powerfully portrayed.
Peter Tennant, Black Static

The Power of Nothing
"His attention to detail is brilliant, as are his turns of phrase, but there’s never any intrusion to the experience... Richard Farren Barber pulls off that difficult feat of a conclusion that inspires wry reflection and also throws light – or is that darkness – back across the story as a whole." Hellforge:

"To me this is the ultimate horror story, one without the blood and guts.  No monsters jumping out at you just that slow feeling of dread of what’s to come.  This was a brilliant read I truly enjoyed it." Horror Novels review

The Sleeping Dead
"This is such a good story and so hard to review without spoliers, but believe me, it's one to read." Horror Novels Review 

"A great horror story that left you feeling uncomfortable the entire time you were reading it." A Bibliophone's Journey

"The wonderful sense of unease and paranoia created created in Richard's earlier novella, The Power of Nothing, is expanded on and magnified here. It's a great piece of writing and I thoroughly recommend it." Dark Musings

"The novella kicks off in high gear and I found myself horrified with what was happening but compelled to keep reading." The Examiner

"Not for the faint of heart but perfect for anyone who loves a spine-chiller with a dash of gore." Project Nemesis

"The Sleeping Dead is an impressive work, a powerful and compelling new entry in the horror without hope school of the genre." Case Notes by Peter Tennant (Published in Black Static)


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