Forthcoming stories

In Human Skin - Nasty Snips Project
Sacrifice - Estronomicon
Saint Nick - British Fantasy Society Journal
Walking the Dog - Fresh Ground
Sally Boobu - Derby Scribes anthology
Locusts in the Snow - Snowpocalypse
Reaching out - Pseudopod
Coming Home - Morpheus Tales
A Framework - Respectable Horror

For info!, when the link says "Read it now" it's free! If it says "Buy it now"... well, it isn't free.


Lost and Found - What Haunts the Heart Buy it now
Bempton - Not your Average Monster II Buy it now


The Midnight Scare - Play Things and past Times | Buy it now
Exchanging Gifts - Worldlands 5 | Buy it now

No Eve - All that's left of Yesterday | Buy it now 
The Feast of the Dead - Nice Day for a Picnic | Buy it now
After Life - Morpheus Tales #26 | Buy it now
Strange Presents - Sanitarium Magazine #36 | Buy it Now
Soul Proprietor - Crossroads in the dark |  Buy it now
SkyDogs - Out of Phase |  Buy it now


Bus Routes through the Sticks - Morpheus Tales, Rural horror special Buy it now
The God Panel - The British Fantasy Society Journal
The Commission - Fever Dreams Read it now
Cutting Cream (With Stuart Hughes) - Wordlands4: Whited Sepulchres | Read it now
Talk Show - The Wicked LibraryHear it now (Podcast)
Party Games - Pseudopod  | Hear it now (Podcast)
Nether Goole - DarkFuse | Buy it now
Suddenly - DarkFuse Horror D'Oeuvres | Buy it now
The Sleeping Dead (Novella) - DarkFuse Buy it now
Murden's Hollow - Tales to Terrify  Hear it now (Podcast)
The Next in Line - Night Terrors III Buy it now
Bright Dreams - Blood reign
Cafe Noir - Morpheus Tales
These Fears - Dead, but Dreaming
Battlefield of Souls - Lost in the Witching Hour


Last Christmas - When Red Snow Melts | Buy it now!
Tourist Trap - Midnight Echo | Buy it now!
The Ghosts of Christmas Past - O Little Town of Deathlehem | Buy it now!
Thrall - Miseria's Chorale Vol 1 | Buy it now!
Visiting Hours - Thirteen | Buy it now!
Southbound - Trembles  Buy it now!
Aftershock - Morpheus Tales | Buy it now!
Brunswick - Songs for the Raven
NSFW - Horror d' Oeuvres   | Read it now!
Long, Cold Night - Morpheus Tales Apocalypse Special | Buy it now!
Lost - Dark Bits | Buy it now!
The Power of Nothing - novella from Damnation Books | Buy it now!
Race - The Best of Morpheus Tales vol 3 | Buy it now!
The Talent - Fever Dreams   | Read it now!


Where the Stones Lie - The 13 Ghosts of Christmas  | Buy it now!
Guesswork - Zombies for a Cure 
 Buy it now!
Bridge People - Dark Horizons

Poohlberg Station - The Horror Zine Digest 
 | Buy it now!
BFF - Morpheus Tales 
Buy it now!
Skin Deep - Hersham Horror, PentAnth series   |  Buy it now!  
The Tower - Trembles   |  Buy it now!  
The One Good Reason - Writing East Midlands/Lincolnshire Echo   |  Read it now! 
Legacy - Morpheus Tales - Ripped Genes Buy it now! 
Checking Out - Alt-Zombie anthology Buy it now!
Dads' Race - shortlisted for the Writing East Midlands/Derby Telegraph flash fiction award   |  Read it now!
The Heart Stone - Tales from the River vol1 
Buy it now!
Poohlberg Station - The Horror Zine 
Read it now!
Angel Tracks - Terror Scribes | Buy it now!
Gone Fishing - Broadcast on Erewash Sound
The Watching Post - Writing East Midlands/ Lincolnshire Echo competition | Read it now!
Connection - Night Terrors II anthology | Buy it now!



Ask Not - Trembles 4 | Buy it now!
Last Respects (Excerpt) - reading at Derby Scribes anthology launch
Inside/Out - Midnight Street | Read it now!
Last Respects - Derby Scribes Anthology | Buy it now! 
Bloodie Bones chapter 1, Last Respects, & excerpt from Talk Show - readings at Fantasycon 2011
Talk Show - Alt-Dead Anthology | Buy it now! 
Long Way Home (With Stuart Hughes) - Epocalypse (Tales from the end) | Buy it now! 
Gone Fishing - Derby Evening Telegraph | Read it now! 
These Fears - Morpheus Tales, Urban Horror Special | Buy it now! 
This is War - Derby Evening Telegraph



Christmas Spirits - Derby Evening Telegraph | Read it now! 
Murden's Hollow - The House of Horror 
An affair to remember - Derby Evening Telegraph | Read it now! 
Visiting - Midnight Echo IV | Buy it now! 
Race - Morpheus Tales IX | Buy it now! 
Bloodie Bones chapters 1 & 2 - reading at the World Horror Convention



Skinned Metal - Blood Oranges



Paternoster Blues - Murky Depths IV


Dimmer - BBC Radio Derby (Broadcast) & BBC Limited edition publication | Read it now! |Listen to it now!


Fieldwork - Derby Evening Telegraph

2000-2002 (?) Kind of lost track...

Conference Call - Gentle Reader #28
Gone Fishing - Gentle Reader #20
This is War! - Scribbe #8