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March 2011

You can now see a sneak preview of the new website. The more observant amongst you will also spot that from how on my stories will be published under the name "Richard Farren Barber" which will hopefully address the issue of all those other Richard Barbers out there trading on my name.

February 2011

It's quiet. Too quiet..

December 2010

Where did all that snow come from?

Just a quick update to say that my short story " Murden's Hollow " has been published online on House of Horror.

November 2010

Okay, okay.. I can explain!

So nothing's happened since July? Not quite.. I managed to trip over running down a hill in Belfast and broke my collar bone (yes, ouch). But I have struggled on one armedly. That said, I have been quiet, mostly because I've been working through draft after draft of Bloodie Bones . I'm coming to the end of my year's mentoring with Miranda and although the novel isn't there yet, it's definitely closer than it was.

In terms of publishing, I haven't been completely silent. I've had a short story accepted for publication by Morpheus Tales for their "Urban Horror Special" which will come out next March/April (and is particularly pleasing to me as it was the first "proper" story I wrote) and I've had a short story published in the Derby Evening Telegraph . I've also written a tonne of short stories (well, about 5) so I'll be editing them and hopefully they'll appear in a magazine near you soon.

July 2010

Sadly I didn't make it as one of the 7 finalists for the 2010 Brit Writers Awards . However I have had another short story published, "The Visiting" is now out in Midnight Echo 4 .

June 2010

Nearly there! I've made it through to the shortlist for the 2010 Brit Writers Awards . I'll find out whether I'm a finalist on Thursday 17 June. I attended Alt Fiction on Saturday 12 - the highlight has to be watching Hammer Horror films in the cinema with Ramsey Campbell, Pete Crowther and Steve Jones amongst a few others.

My latest publication! My short story "The Race" has been published in Morpheus Tales - go and buy a copy now!

May 2010

I've been advised my work has made it through the second round of judging at the 2010 Brit Writers Awards . I've also had a great response from one of the agents I pitched "Bloodie Bones" to at the World Horror Convention. I'll be running a session at Derby Scribes on "Editing your work" on Monday 17 May.

April 2010

The reading at the World Horror Convention went well and I am nearly finished the second draft of "Bloodie Bones" - expect to have that completed by the end of this month.

I've just been advised my work has made it through the first round of judging at the 2010 Brit Writers Awards .

March 2010

I've had a short story accepted for volume 2 of Time in a Bottle and a short story in the forthcoming Derby Scribes Anthology.

I will also be reading at the World Horror Convention at the end of this month.

February 2010

I've had a short story accepted for Midnight Echo - The magazine of the Australian Horror Writer's Association.

Apologies if you've been trying to access the website - I had some problems with the host I was using (aka it was down) so I've moved to a new host which will hopefully be more stable.. there are now different versions of this site littering the internet!

And finally... Chapter 3 of Preyer is now available to download. It will be the last one for a while as a focus on the new novel, so make the most of it!

January 2010

I've been accepted onto a writing mentoring scheme by Writing East Midlands . Cue much jumping around and general bonhomie this month. My Mentor will be Miranda Miller and over the course of the year I'll be working on my redrafts of " Bloody Bones ".

As part of my mentoring I'm contributing to a blog about the writing and mentoring process . Please pop over and check it out. And whilst you're there, I've also started a blog on horror fiction to complement the mentoring blog. If I get a chance I'll find a way to pull the blog onto this website.

Also (busy times at Chez Barber) I will be reading at the World Horror Convention in March 2010. At the moment I'm scheduled to read in the reading cafe at 10.00am Sunday morning. 

And last, but by no means least, the second chapter of Preyer is now availble to download .

December 2009

"Skinned Metal" has now been published in the latest edition of Blood Oranges (Go buy it!) 
"Murden's Pond" has been accepted for publication by House of Horror 
The first chapter of Preyer is now availble to download .

November 2009

I've had to move my website to another server, so apologies for the lack of new content this month (apart for the Stephen King "Under the Dome" snippets which I've now removed as it's out of date)... more soon

October 2009

Signed up for 2010 World Horror Convention in Brighton and put Chapter 3 of "Cross the Threshold" on for download.

September 2009

Chapter 2 of "Cross the Threshold" now available for download. (A bit late due in part to a holiday in US - including a tour around Stephen King's Bangor.)

Currently working on typing up "DeadFall", "The Ancestors" and editing "Raw Head and Bloody Boned"

August 2009

Just found out that one of my short stories was shortlisted in the Derby Evening Telegraph competition in February/March.

July 2009

July must be the month for websites... updated the website to make it look a little more decent! And Chapter 1 of "Cross the Threshold" is now available to download.

June 2009

Phew! Just (6th June) finished first draft of new novel "The Ancestors"

"Race" accepted for future publication in Morpheus Tales (possibly July 2010)