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July 2021

14/07 And we're live in 3... 2... 1...

I received a flurry of emails from Google over the past few months telling me my website needed to adapt or die, so I've just finished converting it to the new system and published it. I've restructured the site and hopefully made it easier to read.

June 2021

25/06 Passed the 50,000 word mark on The Killing List #2. I may be getting slightly carried away as I figure I'm about 1/3 of the way through the plot.

May 2021

13/05 Started first draft of "The Killing List #2" (It makes sense.. honest).

11/05 Edit #1222224545464 of "The Killing List #1" finished. And no, it's not the final edit.

March 2021

04/03 First draft of the novella "Dreamers/NPC" completed

February 2021

12/02 New Blog post about the writing of "The Screaming Dead."

12/02 First draft of new short story completed: "Helen O' MiLady"

09/02 "The Screaming Dead" is published by Crossroads Press

01/02 First draft of the novella "JT: Teevurcher" completed

December 2020

20/12 Edit 3 of "The Killing List #1" complete

August-September 2020

Opening Chapters written of eight potential novels (I know...)

July 2020

23/07 Final edit complete on the novella "Twenty Years Dead"

02/07 Second edit complete on the novel "The Killing List #1"

June 2020

22/06 Final edit (the seventh!) complete on the novella "One of the Dead"

May 2020

Fourth edit complete on the novel "Memory Leak"

April 2020

09/04 First edit complete on the novella "What happens at Midnight"

March 2020

Third edit complete on the novel "Memory Leak"

January 2020

16/01 First draft complete on the novella "What happens at Midnight"

November 2019

30/11 New blog post up "Four Seasons in One day"

30/11 "The Coffin Walk" published

13/11 New blog post up "Not again!"

05/11 Started first draft of new novella. (Tentative title: "Twenty years dead")

05/11 New blog post up "It is Done."

02/11 First edit of "Fodder" complete.

October 2018

08/10 "Black Light" accepted for publication.

02/10 "Tag" accepted for publication.

September 2018

29/09 "War Effort" accepted for publication.

21/09 "Closer Still" my latest novella, is published by Black Shuck Books.

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