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Click on the links below for more details about ongoing projects

•  Evolution of limb design across divergent locomotor modes

•  Waterfall climbing fishes of Hawai'i

•  Muscle function across behaviors, habitats, and phylogeny

•  Aquatic locomotion in turtles

•  Evolution of bone shape and mechanical properties

•  Vertebrate paleontology

SICB symposia sponsored by the lab

• SICB symposium 2014 (click for symposium website)

"Terrestrial Locomotion:  Where Do We Stand, Where Are We Going?", co-sponsored by our lab (with Tim Higham, UC Riverside) held January 2014 in Austin, TX - click here for ICB journal link

• SICB symposium 2013 (click for symposium website)

"Vertebrate Land Invasions:  Past Present and Future", co-sponsored by our lab (with Alice Gibb, Northern Arizona; Miriam Ashley-Ross, Wake Forest; and Tonia Hsieh, Temple) held January 2013 in San Francisco - click here for ICB journal link

• SICB symposium 2008 (click for symposium website)

"Going With the Flow:  Ecomorphological Adaptations to Aquatic Flow Regimes", sponsored by Gabe Rivera & Rick Blob (Clemson) held January 2008 in San Antonio, TX - click here for ICB journal link