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Our lab is equipped with the following:

  Large (100 gallon) recirculating flow tank

•  Small (30 gallon) recirculating flow tank

•  5 foot treadmill with continuous speed control

•  Two-camera Phantom V4.1 digital high-speed video system

•  Two-camera Phantom V5.1 digital high-speed video system

•  Single camera Phantom V4.2 digital high-speed video system

•  10 channel Vishay strain gauge amplifiers

•  Three-dimensional force platform

•  16 channel Grass portable EMG amplifiers

•  Sonometrics sonomicrometer

•  Nikon dissecting scope with digital camera

•  Dedicated interior room and greenhouse facility for animal housing

•  Dedicated experimental procedure room

•  Instron uniaxial and biaxial materials testing equipment available             through Clemson Bioengineering

•  Campus Natural History and Geology Museum collections