We specialize in bringing out your dynamic personality, giving you

engaging portraits that you will be proud to display.

Base packages include 4-6 hour studio time, 125+ images shot, web image package,

and merchandise gallery setup for portraits and products.

Packages start at $395

Far from glamour shots, we strive to bring out your delicate sensual side.

Sensual lingerie and nudes, works you might find at a gallery, not in a magazine.

Packages start at $450

We have a wide variety of commercial photography available

at various stock agencies. We are also available to negotiate

specific product imagery via consultation.

For consultation requests, please send an email to

As artisans, we have several ways of expressing our creativity.

Robert works with Briarwood, creating stunning smoking pipes and jewelry.

Lori sometimes sells some of her clay sculpture work.

When we have our offerings for sale, you can find links and listings here.

We have self published a few books. To see our bookshelf, click below.

Our Art and Imagery for Sale!