Life Now

When I'm not working with students or teachers in the San Diego Unified School District, I am usually doing something with my family. My wife, Cory and I spend as much time with our two children, Kaya and Curren as they will let us. We can often be found camping, hiking, at the beach, or traveling (Photos on Instagram).

Outside of spending time with my family, I enjoy playing most sports, but the two I have focused on most of my life have been soccer and surfing. I have played soccer since I was five years old. I played in high school and community college. After three knee surgeries I decided to end my competitive career. I have been surfing since I was 15, yet it wasn't until I was 22 that it took the place of soccer as my main sport and lifestyle.

Whenever possible I try to enjoy the outdoors and travel. Most of my travels focus around learning something new and usually have some historical significance.