Other Tobacco Products

Sweet Talk: Big Tobacco's Kid Friendly Campaign was created by The Tobacco Free Columbia-Dane County Coalition (TFCDC). 
This powerful and shocking video showcases how the tobacco industry is marketing cheap, flavored tobacco products designed to look like candy in their attempt to hook youth on a lifetime of nicotine addiction.

As cigarette smoking rates nation-wide have dropped, the tobacco industry has created new products to keep users hooked and find new customers.  These "other tobacco products (OTPs) are harmful and addictive, plus they're marketed aggressively towards youth and priced inexpensively. That's not safe, not fair, and not good for Wisconsin.  Learn more about OTPs- "Flavored Tobacco: Candy Coated Addiction"


A loophole in Wisconsin law allows some tobacco products to be treated differently than cigarettes, making these fruit-flavored tobacco products cheaper and more accessible to Wisconsin youth. Functionally, little cigars are cigarettes. However, because they are wrapped in brown paper, they have been misclassified in law as “other tobacco products.” 

All cigarettes are taxed at $2.52 per pack. Why should little cigars and other cigarette like products be treated any differently?